Student Responsibilities

  • Register with the Office of Disability Services (ODS).
  • Provide current, written documentation from a qualified practitioner that describes the nature of the disability, functional limitations associated with the disability, severity of these limitations, and recommended reasonable accommodations.
  • Review accommodation requests with ODS.
  • Submit accommodation letters to faculty and discuss reasonable accommodations at the start of the semester.
  • Communicate with faculty to arrange each exam accommodation at least ONE WEEK before the exam.
  • File documentation with appropriate individuals to request accommodations for final exam period.
  • Alert the Office of Disability Services if any difficulties are encountered regarding the implementation of accommodations.

Getting Started

Students in Yeshiva University who wish to receive accommodations must self disclose by registering with The Office of Disability Services (ODS). ODS has established the following process for registration:

  • Complete an Intake form.
  • Gather and submit current documentation of your disability.
  • To register as a student with a learning disability or ADD/ADHD, you must submit a current psycho-educational or neuro-psychological evaluation. For all other disabilities you may submit documentation completed by a qualified health professional/clinician. Please refer to our Disability Documentation Guidelines and choose the one specific to your disability to use as a guide.
  • After you have submitted the Intake form and disability documentation, ODS will be happy to meet with you to discuss reasonable accommodations and other supports available to you at Yeshiva University.
  • Each semester, you will meet with ODS to discuss accommodations for your courses and any accessibility needs. You will be given accommodation letters to submit to your professors.
  • Accommodation letters must be submitted to your professors at least ONE WEEK prior to any exam. Please confirm that your professor can accommodate you for each exam.

Reasonable Accommodations

Yeshiva University provides reasonable accommodations to students who submit documentation from a qualified professional to ODS in a timely fashion. Reasonable accommodations and other related services are individualized based on each student's disability-related documentation and needs, as well as YU program requirements.

Accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • Testing accommodations
  • Note-takers
  • Use of a computer for exams
  • Materials in alternate format
  • Provision of assistive technology

Reasonable accommodations do not negate requirements for successful completion of a course or program, or adherence to acceptable standards of behavior. It is important to note that some accommodations may not be appropriate in all courses.

Testing Accommodations

  • Students with documented disabilities are generally expected to take their exams with the rest of the class unless approved to take exams in a reduced distraction location.
  • Accommodations will be implemented as needed by the professor for in-class exams.
  • In the event that the professor is unable to provide accommodations or if you require accommodations that cannot be provided in the classroom, please complete the Exam in a Reduced Distraction Location form.
  • The request for reduced distraction exam administration MUST be submitted at least ONE WEEK before the exam to ensure that this accommodation will be granted.
  • Requests for new or updated accommodations must be made by students before the end of the semester.  There will be no new or revised accommodations provided during the week of finals. Please contact ODS at the beginning of the next semester to discuss potential new or revised accommodations.

Assistive Technology

  • ODS has laptops for loan to students with disabilities who require this accommodation for exams. Please complete the Equipment Loan Agreement and submit to ODS.
  • Assistive technology such as Kurzweil 3000, Math Type, and Pulse Smart Pens are accessible through ODS. Please set up an appointment to discuss your options.


Files and reports kept in ODS are considered confidential and registration with ODS is not indicated on a student's transcript.


ODS provides community resource referrals including testing venues. If you are interested in pursuing an evaluation for a learning disability and/or ADHD, please contact ODS for more information.

Although ODS will help to identify a provider that will best meet your needs, ODS does not pay for the evaluation process or for diagnostic testing.

Emergency Evacuation

All students with disabilities are encouraged to enhance their own safety through advance planning and preparation for emergency situations.

  • Students with mobility impairments or visual impairments may need to make special arrangements to ensure that they remain safe in an emergency.
  • Emergency evacuation training may be provided to students who identify as having a need for special arrangements.
  • Please review the Emergency Evacuation Procedure.