Shabbat Schedule Parshat Mishpatim (February 21-22)


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Things You Didn't Know About Shabb@Beren

  1. 1. On average,160 women stay in for Shabbat each week.

  2. 2. We have a Campus Rabbi and Rebbetzin as well as an Av and Eim Bayit in each week. They have super cute children, and they are pretty fabulous, too!

  3. 3. Each semester we hold 3-5 COED Shabbatons. On those weekends, students who prefer an all-women option can opt to participate in smaller, homemade group meals with our Campus Couples.

  4. 4. Last year we hosted the Maccabeats, Ystuds, Jew in the City, Ms. Chevi Garfinkel, Busy in Brooklyn, and many other guests.

  5. 5. We have a minyan on site every weekend that there is formal Shabbat Programming.

  6. 6. Shabbat is constantly improving with student feedback and participation through our Shabbat Enhancement Committee (SEC). They work tirelessly to make Shabbat happen each week.

  7. 7. The only thing missing from Shabb@Beren is YOU!


Sign up for Shabbat online at this link up to two weeks before the scheduled Shabbat. The system is connected to your caf card and will be deducted upon purchase. Enjoy reserving your spot from the comfort of your dorm room!

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Eruv Map

Beren (Women's) Campus Eruv Map

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