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SGC Torat Adam Summer Experience (TASE)

 Just $3300 all inclusive




SOC/SOCI 2406 – Social Determinants of Health in Global Context

3 credit travel course to El Salvador and Guatemala
*May 30th – June 12th 2023

Open to all students, this course is designed to teach and strengthen the:

  • 8 career competencies most desired by graduate schools and employers
  • 5 social determinants of health defined by the World Health Organization
  • 5 Torot with special emphasis on Torat Adam

If you don't yet have an SGC-approved resume, be sure to visit the SGC canvas resource hub for a guide and editable templates. We strongly recommend meeting with an advisor before uploading your resume to YUCL.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This 3-credit summer travel course is open to all students, especially those that are career-minded, communally minded and chessed-oriented. It will primarily benefit students interested in sociology, pre/public/allied health, education, social work, non-profit, politics, psychology and the therapeutic professions, Jewish studies. 

Reconsider if you are looking for luxury accommodation, or do not enjoy packing light. Also reconsider if you are not good with deadlines as there will be many of these to meet.


All course fees will be going towards the cost of the trip, including flights, accommodation, travel and food while overseas. 

An initial non-refundable deposit of $750 will be due along with your approved resume and a reviewed LinkedIn profile by midnight on February 28th.

The next payment of $1200 will be due along with course registration (SOCI 2406 via insidetrack) at the latest on March 30th at midnight.

The balance will be due by midnight on April 23rd.

Your timely payments and response to additional requests (like medical forms etc.) is crucial for us to pay our overseas deposits on time.

Failure to meet these deadlines will mean that you'll be unable to participate in the program and result in the loss of deposits paid to date. 

Yes. But don’t drink the tap water! 

Scores of Jewish and general groups (and tens of thousands of families and individuals) visit the region each year, thankfully without incident. These range from medical missions for medical/dental students and physicians, groups of Jewish young professionals, Jewish high schools, and others.**  

See more at:……

A lot. You’ll learn about yourself and your peers. You’ll learn more about diversity and inclusion and the 8 NACE career competencies. You’ll learn about healthcare disparities and the social determinants of health. You’ll learn what matters most to patients and their loved ones from all walks of life. And much more! 

Hopefully! This is not compulsory but very fun! We will be traveling in the rainy season (not too dissimilar from summer in Florida) so we will be taking advice from our local guides re: up to the minute weather conditions to confirm that it is safe to climb that day. 

Send your resume to along with the best times to meet for 15 minutes during business hours via Teams to discuss your interest and strengths before February 8th. 

(Don't yet have Teams downloaded? Click here.)

  1. Purchase and read (at least) the first 5 chapters (70 pages) of our core text: To Heal A Fractured World in preparation for our first group discussion.

  2. Do some pre-reading about Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) 

  3. Start thinking about the types of things that patients/families living in extreme poverty, and Jewish communities that are among the poorest in the world might need.  Here's a clip from recent renovations at one of the communities we will visit.


*Between May 30th and our departure from NYC on June 1st we plan to be based on the Wilf campus with activities including orientation, lectures, packaging medical supplies to take with us and an incredible visit to the flagship of one of America’s largest health systems to shadow and learn from key stakeholders.  

**Did you know?   El Salvador hosted the international surfing world championship last year and has invested heavily into building and policing its tourist infrastructure/areas.  Guatemala is 1 of just 4 countries (including the US) that moved its embassy to Yerushalayim!   

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