Yeshiva University
Undergraduate 2018 ‐2019
Tuition and Fees

Summer 2018 ‐ Scroll Down

Tuition $41,000
Undergraduate Fees $2,500
TOTAL $43,500

Undergraduate Men Residence Hall Fees

Muss 2 Bed $3,250
Rubin 3 Beds $3,625
Rubin 2 Beds $4,375
Morgenstern 2 Bed $4,375
Morg/Rubin Single Bed $5,750

Undergraduate Women Residence Hall Fees

36th Street/Schottenstein $8,600
Brookdale $8,750
Brookdale Deluxe $9,500
35th Street $12,000

Meal Plans

On‐Campus Resident Basic Meal Plan $3,500
Non‐Campus Resident Meal Plan $800

Tuition Per Credit $1,475

Health Insurance (Required) $3,465

Direct Cost ‐ Summer 2018 Sessions Start and End Date

Summer Session 1 5/29/18 ‐ 6/28/18
Summer Session 2 7/09/18 ‐ 8/09/18
11 Week Course 5/29/18 ‐ 9/09/18

Tuition – Per Credit (lab fees apply) $540

Registration Fee $100
University Fee $110
Internship and Fee $225
Health Insurance (Required) $717

Summer Housing ‐ Men
Per Session $300
For both session I and II $600
Summer Housing ‐ Women
Per Session $1,300
For both session I and II $2,500

Summer Housing ‐ Non Matriculated ‐ Beren Campus (Men and Women)
Per Session $1,500
For both session I and II $3,000

Payment Options

Summer Tuition Refund Schedule
Before the first day of class: 100% of tuition
During the first week of class: 75% of tuition
During the second week of class: 50% of tuition
After the second week of class: No Refund

Once you register for classes, you assume a financial responsibility. If you choose not to attend, you must drop your courses before the first day of class. Failure to do so automatically entails a financial obligation on your part.

Payment must be made in full prior to start of the summer sessions‐ Online by web check at In person at the Office of Student Finance (Beren Campus: 215 Lexington Ave, 6th Floor; Wilf Campus: Furst Hall, 1st floor). Financial aid is not available for summer courses.