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Fall 2021 Covid Updates

During these unprecedented times, our prime concern is the safety and health of our community. This page provides helpful updates and resources on our institution's response to COVID-19.

Undergrad Academics

We are planning for face-to-face classes in the fall, with some limited exceptions.

The Withdrawal date was moved up as part of a previously planned change to the 2020-21 academic calendar but was delayed to the 2021-22 academic calendar due to COVID. Our withdrawal deadlines are now in line and consistent with our peer institutions’ academic calendars.

We are introducing study days instead of reading week this year in preparation for finals. These days are completely non-instructional and allow students to prepare for their upcoming finals. This change allows our calendar to meet the required number of instructional hours as well as maximizing the full content of courses without impacting scheduled breaks in the semester.

YU offers a plethora of individualized supports for students to ensure maximum success. These include academic support and academic advising, support for students with disabilities, the counseling center, the writing center, peer tutoring and access to the Shevet Glaubach Center for Career Strategy and Professional Development.

Undergrad Housing

We are hopeful that dorm rooms will be able to return to their original pre-COVID capacity. This would mean two students per most rooms on the Wilf Campus and a range of options on the Beren Campus, including singles in Schottenstein and 36th Street, and 4 or 5 students per room in Brookdale Hall and other buildings as will be described on the housing application. We will not be certain about room capacities until June (or later), so at this time, we are holding off accepting roommate requests.

We will be continuing to evaluate CDC guidelines, city and state regulations and recommended best practices over the summer. We will inform students of all COVID-19 policies as soon as they are determined.

We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines, city and state regulations, and recommended best practices to determine our policy regarding frequency of testing on campus for the fall. Details will be determined and communicated over the summer.

  • Tuesday, May 4, 2021 – Housing Application Opens for the 2021-2022 Academic Year 
  • Monday, May 24, 2021- Housing Application Closes for Returning Students
  • Monday, June 7, 2021- Housing Application Closes for New Students
  • Tuesday, July 5, 2021- Housing Assignments for the 2021 Academic Year Distributed

Students should make arrangements to have their items removed from campus before the end of the spring semester. Please be in touch with University Housing & Residence Life to finalize your plans or if you need assistance.

Student Experiences

We are very hopeful that we will be able to host a full range of in-person events following the guidelines set by our medical director and the health and safety protocols from NYC, NYS and the CDC.

The shuttle operation will depend on the social distancing and other health guidelines in effect at the start of the semester.


Yes. We are performing extensive maintenance on all elevators.

We are hoping to have Tenzer Gardens open in the coming months.

Fitness Centers on both undergraduate campuses will have limited hours over the summer. The pool may open if we have the proper staffing.

COVID-19 Protocols

There will likely be changes in COVID-19 protocols, but it is too early to know the specifics. We will be evaluating CDC guidelines, city and state regulations and recommended best practices during the summer. All changes will be communicated with students once they are determined.

We are awaiting updated guidance from NYC and NYS regarding social distancing guidance for fall 2021 and will provide updates throughout the summer.

All students (graduate and undergraduate) will be required to demonstrate they have been properly vaccinated before returning to campus. Please see here for full vaccination policy.

NYC has not made a determination as to when the vaccine site will close. YU does not control its operation.

Employee Policies

The University expects all employees who are working on campus to be fully vaccinated.  Limited exemptions may be accommodated.  Requests will be reviewed by the Covid Team. 

We expect to continue random mandatory testing of our employees. 

We have recently updated the University Temporary Travel Policy and expect to consider additional changes consistent with applicable health and medical guidance. The policy is available here: Temporary Travel Restriction Policy (00057113).PDF ( 

We will expect student-facing offices to have an in-person presence during normal business hours. Other departments will also have an in-person presence and may allow partial remote work arrangements if it is productive for the department’s needs. Employees should consult with their department heads or supervisors to determine the fall work schedule.

Everyone will be required to wear masks in all academic and administrative buildings (except when they are alone in their private offices).  We understand that mask wearing can be challenging, but we are putting this in place at the beginning of the fall semester to ensure that we have a healthy and successful year and as required by applicable guidance.  We will continue to monitor the infection rates on campus as well as in NYC and will adjust our protocols as appropriate and in accordance with NY State and NY City requirements.

International Students

For continuing F-1 international undergraduate students:

F-1 student immigration regulations require students to be enrolled full-time each semester in face-to-face classes. Full-time is defined as a minimum 12 credits per term. Students may count one online, hybrid or blended class toward full-time status (maximum of 3 credits). Once a student meets the full-time status requirement, additional classes may be taken online. Always consult with your academic adviser and the OISS prior to dropping a class. Falling below full-time status without prior immigration authorization will impact your legal F-1 status.

F-1 students who are unable to return to campus or meet the full-time status requirement must contact the Office of International Services before the start of the term.

For new F-1 international undergraduate students:

Yes. Students studying at Yeshiva University must arrive on campus by the start of the semester.

International student COVID-19 Information:

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