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Events FAQ

During these unprecedented times, our prime concern is the safety and health of our community. This page provides helpful updates and resources on our institution's response to COVID-19.


These guidelines are subject to change (with or without notice) as required by applicable regulation and health guidance. Event organizers may be required to modify or cancel an event as determined by the University in its discretion.  Event organizers are responsible for ensuring compliance with these guidelines.

  • All events must be planned, scheduled and approved through the Events Office.  Please use 25Live which has updated capacities and availability for classrooms and event spaces.  Student events must also be planned, scheduled and approved through the Office of Student Life.
  • Events may be held for faculty, staff and students, as well as members of the public – however, events open to the public must have pre-registration, ticketing or such other security measures as the Security Department may require in consultation with the Events Office. 
  • Event organizers are responsible to ensure compliance with all Security protocols.
  • Event organizers are responsible to ensure compliance by attendees (including speakers and entertainers) with all YU policies.  The event organizer should ask non-compliant attendees to leave the event. 
  • In the discretion of the University, the number of attendees permitted at in-person events may be limited.
  • Proof of vaccination is not required of attendees (provided that visitors, including speakers and entertainers, who come to campus for more than 5 days during any semester should comply with all COVID vaccination requirements of University faculty and staff). 
  • The Events Office will assign the event space, and organizers/attendees (including speakers and entertainers) are not allowed to move furniture or other items in the space.
  • The event organizer should coordinate with the Events Office if they intend to serve food at the event, and comply with University catering requirements. 
  • The event organizer is also responsible to ensure that the University has an appropriate contract and insurance from all speakers, entertainers and event vendors.
  • If an event is off-campus, the event organizer must comply with both the venue specific guidance and the University’s specific guidelines.  If there is a difference, the stricter requirements should be followed.

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