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Events FAQ

During these unprecedented times, our prime concern is the safety and health of our community. This page provides helpful updates and resources on our institution's response to COVID-19.


YU encourages virtual gatherings via Zoom and MS Teams in order to minimize the risks of COVID-19. However, some in-person, indoor and outdoor events may be able to resume with a measured and controlled approach.  These guidelines are subject to change (with or without notice) as required by applicable regulation and health guidance.

  1. The maximum number of in-person events on each campus is three per day (spaced over the course of the day) to ensure proper cleaning.
  2.  All events are required to have a virtual component (when possible) for individuals who may not be able to attend. To the extent possible, the newly-upgraded classrooms, that have the needed technology installed and are pre-set for social distancing, will be used.
  3. YU's code of behavior requires proper face coverings for everyone, social distancing of at least six feet apart, and regular washing of hands (sanitizing) at all in-person events.  All provisions of the code of behavior and other YU policies must be complied with by all attendees.
  4. The number of attendees permitted at in-person events will be limited as required by applicable regulation.
  5. The University is currently closed to the public. Only University students, staff and faculty are allowed to attend in-person events on campus unless otherwise expressly approved by the Medical Director.
  6. Event organizers must maintain an attendance list (to be sent to The Events Office immediately after the event) and utilize an RSVP system to ensure attendance caps are maintained. The RSVP form must ask for First Name, Last Name, affiliation (faculty, staff, or student), YU email address, and phone number which will also be used if there is a need to contact trace.
  7. If an outside speaker or other person attends, like all others coming to campus, they will be required to undergo a temperature check and complete our self-monitoring health screening at the Security desk. The event organizer should make sure the speaker and others are aware of our requirements and inform us prior to the event if they will not be able to pass the screening. The speaker will also have to sign a COVID-19 waiver.
  8.  All events must have a check-in process to record attendees, pre-registered or not.
  9. Food (including drinks and snacks) is not permitted at indoor events; Shabbat meals, organized by YU, are the only exception if permitted by applicable regulation. Food at outdoor events may be permitted on a case-by-case basis.
  10. No tabling will be permitted.
  11. The Events Office will assign the event space, and participants are not allowed to move furniture or other items in the space.
  12. Singing events will not be permitted except on a case-by-case basis.
  13. 25Live has updated capacities and availability for all other classrooms and event spaces.
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