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Office of Admissions

: Marc “Ziggy” Zharnest

Name: Marc “Ziggy” Zharnest, Director of High School Recruitment and Admissions
Hometown: Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Degree: B.S. in Business Management, M.S. in Healthcare Administration
Alma Mater: Sy Syms School of Business, Seton Hall 
Hobbies/Interests: Riding the ambulance, sports, learning
Contact me: (646) 592-4440, or text (646) 600-9185

To schedule an appointment please click HERE

If I was to describe YU I would say, we are a small top tier University with a Yeshiva located in New York, where you can play on a NCAA sports team, join clubs, get internships all while making no sacrifices on your Judaism!



Name: Ari Lewis, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Degree: B.S. in Business Management (SSSB)
Alma Mater: Yeshiva University
Hobbies/Interests: Sunday outings with my family, singing, cooking, home improvement projects
Contact me: (646) 592-4440,

YU provided me with an environment to develop the tools I needed to succeed professionally and spiritually. I look forward to helping prospective students discover the many opportunities for growth that await them at YU!


Aharon Goldwasser

Name: Aharon Goldwasser, Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Hometown: Teaneck, New Jersey
Degree: B.S. in Management, M.B.A. in Finance
Alma Mater: Yeshiva University
Hobbies/Interests: Sports, music, spending time with family, traveling
Contact Me: (646) 592-4440, or text (856) 397-4709

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Yeshiva University is a world class University where a student can receive both an unparalleled secular education as well as a top notch Jewish education. As a former student, I understand the commitment our students take upon themselves when they commit to Yeshiva University and it is quite inspirational. I am grateful to have the opportunity to play a small role in helping our students reach their goals.

Jon Green


Name: Rabbi Jon Green, Director of the James Striar School of Jewish Studies; Admissions Counselor
Hometown: Far Rockaway, NY
Degree: Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, Semicha from Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv
Alma Mater: Bellevue University
Hobbies/Interests: Biking, hanging out with my wife and five children in Far Rockaway
Contact me: (646) 592-4440, or text  (516) 316-8782

To schedule an appointment please click HERE

I am passionate about inspiring future inspired Jews. I love working for Yeshiva University in both my roles as Director of JSS and as an Admissions Counselor, because it allows me to help students before, during and even after they come to YU. If you visit campus, you can find me in the JSS Beit Medrash, in the Admissions office or on the Quad playing frisbee. I would love to invite you to join me and my family for Shabbos in Far Rockaway.

Elaine Frankel


Name: Elaine Frankel, Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Hometown: West Hempstead, New York
Degree: B.S. in Accounting
Alma Mater: Brooklyn College
Hobbies: Piano, dance, listening to shiurim and spin
Proud parent of 3 YU Alum and 2 Alum sons in law.
Contact me: (646) 592-4440, or text (646) 798-1857

To schedule an appointment please click HERE

As soon as you step foot to YU’s campus you will understand what I love about YU. The warm community, shared values, Yeshiva in the heart of Manhattan. My passion is meeting prospective students and families, assisting them in their journey to YU.

Hannah Grossman

Name: Hannah Grossman, Assistant Director of Admissions
Hometown: New Hempstead, NY
Degree: B.A. in Jewish studies (concentration in Jewish history) and biology; M.A. in modern Jewish history, (in progress)
Alma Mater: Stern College for Women, Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, hanging out with friends, and taking advantage of all that New York City has to offer, whether exploring new neighborhoods or wandering around Ft Tryon Park
Contact me: (646) 592-4440, or text (646) 969-3315

To schedule an appointment please click HERE

College is a really pivotal transitional moment in a person’s life and provides so many opportunities to grow; as someone who is so grateful for having been able to take advantage of all that YU has to offer- whether academically in the biology, Jewish studies, and honors programs, extracurricularly in clubs like the Dramatics Society and Student Holocaust Education Movement, and just generally in the vibrant Jewish life and NYC atmosphere- I am thrilled to be able to work with high school students as they discover what college can offer them. It can be a whirlwind, but it’s an exciting one, and I’m glad to be there at every step of the way to make the process as smooth as possible. I especially enjoy working with students who are new to the college admissions process and don’t have school guidance- please be in touch!

Avelet Strauss

Name: Ayelet Strauss, Assistant Director of Admissions
Hometown: Staten Island NY
Degree: B.S. in Marketing and a minor in Accounting
Alma Mater: Sy Syms School of Business
Hobbies/Interests: tennis, reading and baking
Contact me: (646) 592-4440, or text (646) 969-3784

To schedule an appointment please click HERE

I joined the Admissions team shortly after graduating from YU’s Sy Syms Business School and I really enjoy having the chance to share everything I loved about YU with prospective students and guide them along the application process.



Name: Dani Katz, Admissions Counselor
Hometown:  Baltimore, MD
Degree: Associates in Business, B.S. in Strategy & Entrepreneurship
Alma Mater: Yeshiva University
Hobbies/Interests: Sports, music, learning

Contact Me: (646) 592-4440,

YU was a stepping stone for me in my journey as I got older and I continued to grow and learn about myself. YU offered me long lasting friendships and provided me with top tier education. I’m excited to help you take that journey and experience everything that YU offers to each and every student when they step on campus. YU caters to you, I’ll be here to have you make the most of it.

Jacob Finkelstein

Name: Jacob Finkelstein, Admissions Counselor Hometown:  Teaneck, NJ Degree: Associates in Business, B.S. in Marketing and Management Alma Mater: Yeshiva University Hobbies/Interests: Sports, music, sneakers, pop culture 

Contact Me: (646) 592-4440,  

YU became my safe haven in a time of uncertainty. At the time, it hadn’t occurred to me that it was where I needed to be all along. YU helped me make connections with people that supported me not only on my academic journey, but my personal, professional, and Jewish journey as well. I am so excited for the opportunity to be able to provide the same experience, and all the incredible things that Yeshiva University has to offer onto the next generation of students. 

Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff,

Name: Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions; Full time faculty at Stern College for Women teaching Jewish Philosophy, Mashiach, Jewish holidays, Shabbat and many others
Hometown: Originally from London, England. Resides in Wesley Hills, NY
Degree: B.A. in Political Science, Semicha from Yeshiva Ohr Somayach
Alma Mater: Manchester University
Hobbies/Interests: Tennis, running, reading Jewish books on every topic
Contact me: (646) 592-4440, or text 917-881-0104

Being on faculty at YU for over 20 years has been the highlight of all my work, teaching and writing. The students have such an incredible desire to study and become leaders of the next generation. The faculty at YU truly care about each and every student. 


Name: Rabbi Ari M. Solomont, Director of International Admissions and Recruitment
Hometown: Ashkelon, Israel
Degree: B.S. in Business Administration
Alma Mater: Touro College
Hobbies/Interests: Mountain biking, fine wine and good cigars, grill master, guitar playing and floral arrangements
Contact me:

Yeshiva University is the only University outside of Israel the flies the Israeli flag 365 days a year. International students at YU combine a top level university degree, individualized career preparation, with engaging and inspiring Torah classes. YU’s International students hail from over thirty countries across the globe, enhance the campus experience for all students, and are a dynamic presence involved at every level of campus life. At YU, tools for success are not only defined as the education necessary to prepare for a successful career, but include the skills required for a vibrant and meaningful life.


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