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    Beren Campus

    Rochelle Kohn, PhD, CRC
    Director of Disability Services, Manhattan Campuses
    215 Lexington Avenue, Room 520
    New York, NY 10016
    Tel: (646) 592-4132
    Fax: (917) 326-4811

    Wilf Campus

    Abigail Kelsen, LMSW, LCSW
    Assistant Director of Disability Services, Manhattan Campuses
    116 Laurel Hill Terrace, Suite B
    New York, NY 10033
    Tel: (646) 592-4280
    Fax: (646) 685-0116

    It is your responsibility to retain a copy of your original documentation. You may need it for graduate school entrance exams, graduate school accommodations, or licensing exams.

    Seven years post-graduation or departure from the university, your student file and disability documentation will be shredded.

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