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This is not an emergency or 911 service. For emergencies, call 911.

Yeshiva University is committed to the highest levels of ethical standards. We expect our faculty and staff to fulfill their duties with integrity and operate in full compliance with regulations, legislation and the University's own operating policies and procedures. With this in mind, the University has established a Compliance Hotline as an additional method of reporting violations of policy, improper conduct or compliance concerns.

This supplementary reporting program may be used to report a variety of ethics, integrity and compliance issues. Your input may provide the information necessary to investigate and remedy a potentially damaging situation to the University. Such situations may pertain to:

  • Diversity, Equal Opportunity or Respect in the Workplace
  • Environment, Health or Safety
  • Financial and Business Integrity
  • Misuse or Misappropriation of University Assets or Information
  • Academic Issues
  • The Welfare of Our Students
  • Medical and Health Violations

Established avenues, which include speaking directly to your supervisor or to a member of our Human Resources Department, should remain the primary avenue for issue resolution. Yeshiva University's Compliance Hotline is an additional option for individuals unable to use the established avenues, including cases where individuals wish to remain anonymous. When submitting a report, you may remain anonymous or you may identify yourself and provide information as to how Yeshiva University can contact you if additional details are desired. In either case, your information will be treated confidentially.

To submit a report, please select "Submit a Report Online" above. All reports submitted in good faith will be handled promptly and confidentially, and we will take every step necessary to protect against retaliatory action.

Yeshiva University strives to operate with the highest ethical standards of our tradition and with the utmost integrity. We thank you for coming forth to help protect our University.

Note: This website should not be used for emergency matters. In case of emergency, please call 911.

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