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"Kedusha [holiness] challenges us to use the best of our energies and mental capacities, not only to improve ourselves, but to work for the betterment of humanity and the advancement of humankind."

Yeshiva University fosters an environment in which students develop tools necessary to enrich their lives and devote themselves to servicing the Jewish community and society at large.

We embrace a culture of caring that ennobles students and faculty to pursue lives of value and meaning.


"A great university must refocus on the exploration of the value of values, must expose the young to the freedom of commitment, to the nuance of ideals firmly held, while protecting the rights of others. Its challenge is not to defend Western civilization, but to advance Western civilization. A great university is great scholars and great students."

Yeshiva University stands proudly as one of the premier universities in North America. We expect excellence in higher education, student life, and in our relationships with our partners and communities.

We foster a climate of standards and intellectual rigor that challenges our students and faculty to achieve excellence in every arena.


"The land of Israel and the state of Israel are central to the future of the Jewish people and have always been central to the reality of the Yeshiva University Community. Let's make YU the address in New York for Israel events and Israel conversations."

The land and State of Israel are central to the future vision of the Jewish people and have always been central to the YU community.

More than 800 students and 3,000 alumni live and learn in Israel. In New York our undergraduates constitute the largest body of pro-Israel students on any campus outside of Israel.


"We must assume responsibility for the ongoing inspiration of both the Jewish community and the professional networks that emanate from Yeshiva University. That's what it means to advance civilization. That business must be our business. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes Yeshiva University to inform the global village."

We speak of buildings, we fill them with students and we solidify the excellence of the education that takes place there.

But a true university has no walls. It is as boundless as the communities it serves. We embrace our alumni communities, numbering more than 50,000 YU men and women who live around the country and around the world.

We recognize that Jewish communities look to us for programs, services and continuing education. We accept with pride our obligations to society at large.

Yeshiva University informs the global community with a passion for Torah and higher education anchored in sacred values. As we advance the values of Torah and Western civilization, we become caring partners in the communities we serve.