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Uriel Sussman, Yeshiva College 2024 Student Library Research Award winner
Congratulations to our 2024 YU Student Library Research Award Winner Uriel Sussman! Uriel, in his second year, has not yet declared his major, but is leaning towards philosophy. His paper, “ The Fruit of the Fourth Year: A Case Study in Legal Interpretation” was written for Early Jewish Biblical ...
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Items of interest to YU alumni
Jerusalem Therapy Center New Promotional Video
To fill a critical need for affordable, English-language mental health services in Israel, Wurzweiler, together with Amudim Israel, opened the Jerusalem Therapy Center. View the promotional view for more information. Jerusalem Therapy Center
Manish Kumar Thota, a master's student in artificial intelligence, is developing a machine-learning chatbot that assists students by responding to prompts with the same depth of scholarly insight and understanding as a professor.
Image of hilltop city from Pascheles and Landau Haggadah
Call no.: rare BM674.645 .L36 1849 The Leah Adler zt"l Rare Books and Manuscripts Fund Did you ever wonder if the Maxwell House Haggadah was the first one to advertise its product? Generations before Maxwell House, in 1849, a Haggadah featured an ad for Kosher for Passover wine prominently on a…
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Library Digital Media Studio
On April 1st, 2024 Gottesman Library unveiled a new facility for students. The Digital Media Studio, located on the southeast corner of the 4th floor (behind the elevators) of the Mendel Gottesman Library Building, is a new space for learning and development. The new space includes a Dremel 3D ...
Mike Doran
Straus Scholars Yaakov Willner (YC ‘25) and Gavriel Buchwald (YC ‘26), respectively president and vice president of YU’s Alexander Hamilton Society chapter, organized an event featuring national security expert Dr. Michael Doran.
Stuart Halpern
On Sunday March 31, the Jewish Center held a book launch for The Promise of Liberty, a newly released Haggadah by Straus Center Deputy Director Rabbi Dr. Stuart Halpern and Jacob Kupietzky.
Straus Center
In the academic year 2023-2024, the Straus Center has launched “Two Texts, Three Questions,” a new program led by rabbinic intern Yehuda Goldberg designed to encourage Straus Scholars to pursue their own intellectual interests and explore new connections between Torah and Western thought.

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