Faculty Directory
Cynthia Wachtell


Research Associate Professor of American Studies
Director of the S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program
AM, Harvard University,
BA, Yale University,
MA, Yale University,
PhD, Harvard University,
Dr. Cynthia Wachtell, the founding director of the S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program and a research associate professor of American Studies, earned her PhD in the History of American Civilization and an AM in English at Harvard University. She jointly earned an MA and a BA, summa cum laude, from Yale University in American Studies.
Dr. Wachtell's academic field of expertise is American literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition to teaching at Yeshiva University, she has taught at Harvard University, The New School for Social Research, and Fordham University.
She is the author of the path-breaking study WAR NO MORE: THE ANTIWAR IMPULSE IN AMERICAN LITERATURE, 1861-1914 and assorted articles about nineteenth and twentieth century American literature and about war writing.

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Fall 2018
Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 1100
Spring 2018
Topics in Lit: Advanced Level
ENGL 3921
Fall 2017
Freshman Honors Seminar
ENGL 1200H
Spring 2017
Lit Culture of the Amer City
ENGL 2800
Spring 2016
Tps:Hist App - Amer Plays
ENGL 2602H
Fall 2015
Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 1100
Spring 2015
American Jewish Literature
ENGL 2580
Spring 2014
Lit & Culture of Amer City: NY
ENGL 2800
Spring 2013
Amer. Playwrights&Their Plays
ENGL 3675H
Spring 2012
American Short Story
ENGL 3791