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Eliahu Shulman


Rosh Yeshiva


Wilf campus - Glueck Center

Rabbi Eli Baruch Shulman serves as a Rosh Yeshiva at RIETS, holds the Rabbi Henry H. Guterman chair in Talmud, and is the rabbi of the Young Israel of Midwood in Brooklyn, NY. He received his rabbinic education in the yeshivot of Mir, Lakewood and Beis Yosef. He also served as an editor of the Schottenstein/Artscroll Talmud.

Binyan Av Yesamach Av (5 vol.)


Wilf campus - Glueck Center


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Fall 2018
Advanced Talmud: Baba Kamma
TAL 4039


Talmud: Baba Kamma
TAC 6039


Spring 2018
Advanced Talmud: Sukkah
TAL 4012


Talmud: Sukkah
TAC 6012


Fall 2017
Advanced Talmud: Sukkah
TAL 4011


Talmud: Sukkah
TAC 6011


Spring 2017
Advanced Talmud: Kiddushin
TAL 4038


Talmud: Kiddushin
TAC 6038