Faculty Directory
Ellen Schrecker


Professor of History, Emerita
BA, Radcliffe College,
MA, Harvard University,
PhD, Harvard University,
PhD, Harvard, 1974
MA, Radcliffe College (Harvard), 1962
AB, Radcliffe College, 1960
Professor Ellen Schrecker is widely recognized as a leading expert on McCarthyism (See CV for complete list of her books and articles) She is currently working on a study of academic freedom in the 1960s.

To request an interview, please contact Media Relations at 212-960-5400 x5488 or publicaffairs@yu.edu

Spring 2013
Guided Project
HIS 4911
Spring 2013
History of Women in the U.S.
HIST 2234
Fall 2012
United States: 1941 - Present
HIST 2210
Fall 2012
HIS 2210
Spring 2012
African-American History
HIST 2237
Spring 2012
Amer. Minorities:African Amer.
HIS 2237
Spring 2012
Honors Program Senior Project
HIST 4920H
Fall 2011
His of Amer Foreign Policy
HIS 2251
Spring 2011
History of Women in the U.S.
HIST 2234
Fall 2010
Amer Pol & Culture 60's
HIS 2545