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Yasar Levent Kocaga

Yasar Levent

Associate Professor of Operations Management

PhD, University of Southern California, 2010
MS, Bilkent University, 2004
BS, Bilkent University, 2002

Prior to joining the Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University, Dr. Yasar Levent Kocaga received his PhD at the Marshall School of Business at the University of California. He also holds BS and MS degrees in industrial engineering from Bilkent University in Turkey.

Dr. Kocaga is interested in stochastic modeling and optimization of manufacturing and service systems with applications in pricing and revenue management, inventory and supply chain management, service operations management, and the operations-marketing interface.

Journal Publications (Accepted or Appeared)
  • Kocaga, Y.  L. 2017. An Approximating Diffusion Control Problem for Dynamic Admission and Service Rate Control in a G/M/N+G Queue. Operations Research Letters 45 (6) 538-542.
  • Kocaga, Y. L., M. Armony and A. R. Ward. 2015. Staffing Call Centers with Uncertain Arrival Rates and Co-sourcing. Production and Operations Management 24 (7) 1101-1117.
  • Giloni, A., Y. L. Kocaga and P. Troy. 2013. State Dependent Pricing Policies: Differentiating Customers Through Valuations and Waiting Costs . Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management 12 139--161.
  • Kocaga, Y. L. and A. R. Ward. 2010.  Admission Control for a Multiserver Queue with Abandonment. Queueing Systems 65 (3) 275--323.
  • Kocaga, Y. L. and A. Sen. 2007. Spare Parts Inventory Management with Demand Lead Times and Rationing. IIE Transactions 39 (9) 879--898.
    (Also featured in Industrial Engineer, September 2007)
Working Papers
  • Kocaga, Y.  L. Free Trials in Service Systems: Harnessing the Potential Benefits through Capacity Re-Optimization. Under major revision.
  • Universal Optimal Staffing for Service Systems with Unknown Arrival Rates. In preparation for submission.
  • Cakici, O and Y.  L. Kocaga. Aligning Incentives for Emergence Department vs Urgent Care Choice When Patients are Strategic. In progress.
  • Kocaga, Y.  L. and Y. - M. Lee. Optimal Stock Allocation for Production-Inventory Systems with Multiple Impatient Customer Classes. In progress.
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