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Stephen Glicksman


Adjunct Associate Professor, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology and Yeshiva College/Director, Makor College Experience

PhD, The Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology/ Yeshiva University, 1997
MA, The Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology/ Yeshiva University, 1994
BA, Yeshiva University, 1991

Biographical information: Stephen Glicksman, Ph.D., is a licensed Developmental Psychologist and Director of Clinical Innovation at Makor Disability Services (formerly Women's League Community Residences), a life-span social services organization meeting the needs of children and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families. He is also an adjunct associate professor at Yeshiva College and the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology of Yeshiva University, as well as founder and director of the Makor College Experience Program, a partnership program of Makor and YU providing the YU Experience for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities on the Wilf Campus. In addition to his Makor and YU related activities, Dr. Glicksman serves as the Consultant Psychologist for the School for Children with Hidden Intelligence (SCHI) in Lakewood, New Jersey and has a private practice in Teaneck, New Jersey. Dr. Glicksman has presented on a variety of developmental topics at numerous professional conferences and parent meetings, and his research has been published in both national and international scientific journals and periodicals. 

Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Moral Development



Lifespan Development

Judaism and Psychology

Selected Publications:

Glicksman, S. (2011). Supporting religion and spirituality to enhance quality of life of people with intellectual disability: a Jewish perspective. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 49(5), 397-402.

Glicksman, et al. (2013). A thematic review of scientific and family interests in Canavan Disease: where are the developmentalists? Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 57, 9, 815-825.

Glicksman, S., Goldberg, C., Hamel, C., Shore, R., Wein, A., Wood, D., & Zummo, J. (2017). Rights-Based and Person-Centered Approaches to Supporting People With Intellectual Disability: A Dialectical Model. Intellectual and developmental disabilities, 55(3), 181-191.

Glicksman, S. (2021). The Makor College experience: Successes and challenges in the first years of a college experience program for individuals with intellectual disability. In Merrick J, Tenenbaum A, Omar HA, eds. Building children and youth for the future: Some international aspects. New York: Nova Science.


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Spring 2021    Developmental Psychology 1: Child and Adolescent

Fall 2020         Development Across the Lifespan

Spring 2020    Learning Disabilities

Fall 2019         Moral Development

Spring 2019    Intellectual Disability

Fall 2018         Language Development

Spring 2018    Motivation

Fall 2017         Learning Disabilities

Spring 2017    Moral Development

Fall 2016         Developmental Psychology 2: Adult

Spring 2016    Intellectual Disability

Fall 2015         Motivation

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