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Aharon Fried


Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychology

PhD, New School University, 1973
MA, New School University, 1969
Other, Rabbinical Seminary of Munkacs, 1968

Dr. Aharon Fried received his doctorate from the New School for Social Research and has taught at various branches of CUNY. He is known for his development of special education programs for students of Jewish Day Schools. He is involved in the development of teaching and evaluation methods in Jewish education and in teacher training.

He is interested in psychological tests and measurements, with a focus on the testing of learning disabilities in children and testing children of bilingual/bicultural backgrounds. He is also interested in the interface between psychology and religion, psychosocial problems in the Jewish community, curricula and teaching of Judaic studies subjects to non-Hebrew-speaking children, applied behavior analysis, and positive psychology.

Dr. Fried has published articles pertaining to issues in Jewish education: bilingual special education, the development of character, sheltering children vs. developing their bicultural skills, the teaching of Talmud, and a test to screen children with problems reading Hebrew.


Beren campus - 215 Lexington Ave


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Spring 2018
Devlpmt: Adolescents
PSYC 1130


Honors Prog Senior Project I
PSYC 4910H


Positive Psychology
PSYC 3830


Psychosocial Problems
PSYC 3847


Fall 2017
Developmental Psyc: Life Span
PSYC 1107


PSYC 4741


Psychology Religion
PSYC 3845


Tests and Measurements
PSYC 1301


Spring 2017
Developmental Psyc: Life Span
PSYC 1107


Positive Psychology
PSYC 3830


Psychosocial Problems
PSYC 3847