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Ran Drori


Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

I found the interaction between ice and antifreeze proteins a fascinating subject, and decided to pursue my Ph.D while studying these proteins with Prof. Ido Braslavsky at the Hebrew University (Rehovot campus). I started my post-doc at NYU's Chemistry department on October 2014, working with Profs. Michael Ward and Bart Kahr on two projects - (1) identifying synthetic ice growth inhibitors and (2) studying how does the exchange between H2O and D2O affect ice growth dynamics.

On August 2017, I joined the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Yeshiva University as a visiting assistant professor.

Google Scholar profile

1. Meister, K., DeVries, A. L., Bakker H. J., and Drori, R., Antifreeze Glycoproteins Bind Irreversibly to Ice. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (30), 9365–9368 (2018).

2. Drori, R., Holmes-Cerfon M., Kahr B., Kohn R. V, Ward M. D. Dynamics and Unsteady Morphologies at Ice Interfaces Driven by D2O-H2O Exchange. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 114 (44), 11627-11632 (2017).

3. Drori R., Li C., Hu C., Raiteri P., Rohl A., Ward M. D., Kahr B. A Supramolecular Ice Growth Inhibitor. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138 (40), 13396–13401 (2016).

4. Drori R., Davies P. L., Braslavsky I. When are Antifreeze Proteins in Solution Essential for Ice Growth Inhibition? Langmuir, 31 (21) 5805–5811 (2015).

5. Drori R., Davies P. L., Braslavsky I. Experimental Correlation between Thermal Hysteresis Activity and the Distance between Antifreeze Proteins on an Ice Surface. Royal Society of Chemistry Advances, 5 7848-7853 (2015).

6. Drori R., Celik Y., Davies P.L., Braslavsky I. Ice-Binding Proteins that Accumulate on Different Ice Crystal Planes Produce Distinct Thermal Hysteresis Dynamics. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 11: 20140526. (2014).

7. Celik Y., Drori R., Pertaya Braun N., Altan A., Barton T., Bar Dolev M., Groisman A., Davies P.L., Braslavsky I. Microfluidic Experiments Reveal that Antifreeze Proteins Bound to Ice Crystals Suffice to Prevent Their Growth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110 (4) 1309-1314 (2013).




Beren campus - Stanton Hall (245 Lexington)
Room #548 

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