Faculty Directory
Joan Beder


Professor, Wurzweiler School of Social Work

BA, Adelphi University,
DSW, Yeshiva University,
MSW, Adelphi University, 1963

Professor Joan Beder has been on the faculty at Wurzweiler since 1993, having earned her doctorate that year and having served as the assistant field work director for two years prior to that.

Professor Beder’s interests include oncology HIV/AIDS, mental health, and social work in the military.

Author of Advances in Social Work Practice with the MIlitary - published 4/12 and numerous research articles and presentations on military related issues.


Wilf campus - Belfer Hall


To request an interview, please contact Media Relations at 212-960-5400 x5488 or publicaffairs@yu.edu

Spring 2018
Generalist Practice Fieldwk II
SWK 6532C


Generalist Socwk Prac II
SWK 6004


Hum Behavior & Soc Environm II
SWK 6102


Fall 2017
Generalist Practice Field Work
SWK 6531C


Generalist Soc Wk Prac I
SWK 6003


Hum Behav+Soc Env I
SWK 6101


Spring 2017
Adv Clin Prac w/Indiv & Fam II
SWK 6014


Adv Fieldwk IID
SWK 6536D


Adv. Fieldwk II
SWK 6536C


Diss Prop Plan II
SWK 8912


Doctoral Advising
SWK 8950


Generalist Socwk Prac II
SWK 6004