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Neer Asherie


Professor of Physics and Biology

BA, University of Cambridge,
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

The long-term goal of Professor Asherie’s research is to make it possible to predict the phase behavior of protein solutions and to learn to control protein self-assembly. Proteins can self-assemble into a variety of phases (crystals, dense liquids, aggregates, and gels), but this phase behavior is not well understood. The inability to predict protein phase behavior inhibits progress on many biophysical problems, including protein condensation diseases, the industrial purification of proteins, and the determination of the high-resolution x-ray structures of proteins. A combined experimental and computation approach is used to understand the relationship between the molecular interactions and the macroscopic phases


Wilf campus - Belfer Hall


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General Physics III Lab
PHY 2061L


Intro Physics Lab
PHY 1031L


Intro Physics Lecture
PHY 1031R


Physics I Pre-engineering Sem.
PHY 1033T


Physics I Problem Seminar
PHY 1031T