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YUNMUN XXVII: Letter to the Delegates

Dear Delegate,

It is with great pleasure that I, along with the Yeshiva University Office of Admissions, congratulate you on being selected to represent your school as a delegate to the Yeshiva University National Model United Nations XXVII. Along with the rest of the YUNMUN team, I look forward to your participation at this year’s conference, knowing that you will do your utmost to learn and gain from this exceptional and unique experience.

At the conference, you will join hundreds of highly motivated, involved, and intellectually curious Jewish students from around the world, in an arena carefully crafted to simulate debate on the world stage. There, you will have the chance to learn new things, make new friends and contribute to a first-rate event known for both its scholastic rigor and its positive and upbeat atmosphere.

As a delegate, you will be afforded the opportunity to engage others in high-level discussions on issues that vex even some of the international community’s greatest leaders, gaining a greater appreciation about some of the world’s most pressing and complex problems. Acting on behalf of the country you represent, you will learn to see those issues through a distinct political and cultural lens, whereby your assumptions will shift and your approach may change. Nevertheless, this new perspective will give you a more nuanced insight into whatever problems your committee faces, while broadening your worldview.

YUNMUN, with its formal and professional committee sessions, will enable you gain real world public speaking experience, granting you the opportunity to harness the power of the lectern and translate powerful speech into tangible policy discussion with your fellow delegates. In this way, the conference will empower you to grow as both an orator and as a negotiator, as you strive to build coalitions, while also remaining true to your own countries beliefs. You will learn to compromise with other countries and their policy goals while not abandoning the nation you represent or her policy needs.

Perhaps most of all, at our conference you will be afforded this opportunity in an environment shaped by college students as motivated and aware as you are, who found themselves in your position only a few short years ago. Molded by their experiences at both YUNMUN and the world at large, they will help guide you and your committee through the treacherous terrain that your topics may pose, all the while modeling the conduct and respect of a Jewish person in an academic, intellectual and social forum. Many of them have found YUNMUN to be amongst the formative experiences of their lives and in your discussions with them, the elements for growing brighter personal and communal futures will certainly be born. 

Feel free to email me at with any questions you may have!

Good luck and prepare well!

Avi Strauss
Secretary General