YUNMUN XXVIII: Letter to the Delegates

Dear Delegate,

It is with tremendous excitement that I, along with the Yeshiva University Office of Admissions, commend you on being chosen to represent your school as a delegate to the Yeshiva University National Model United Nations XXVIII. Together with the entire YUNMUN team, I look forward to your involvement in this year’s conference, anticipating that you have much to contribute to and gain from this enriching experience.
Across the landscapes of committee and conference, you will join over four hundred diligent, enthusiastic and intellectually curious students in an environment engineered to model the complexity and intensity of international diplomacy. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with students from across the United States, Canada and Brazil, with whom you will have both shared goals and different backgrounds. Functioning as a foundational element of the conference's unique character, this dualism will be paralleled by your common and divergent missions in committee sessions. In each striving to authentically represent your countries’ distinct positions, you will together be challenged to operate within the legal mechanisms of the United Nations and realities of intergovernmental relations, while independently harnessing your own intellect and creativity.
By cultivating problem solving, public speaking and teamwork skills in a highly positive and energized context, YUNMUN will embolden you to articulately adapt to the dynamic circumstances of debate. During the conference, your aim will be to craft pioneering policies that confront global issues, all the while weathering the tension between your country’s position and the realpolitik of compromise. By asserting political priorities, negotiating favorable solutions, and forming effective coalitions, you will experience the metamorphosis of policy from deliberation through realization, and in doing so evolve as a delegate and emerging alum.
In its rich twenty-seven year history, YUNMUN has served as a node of leadership development and networking for students from across the international Jewish community. Guided by college students who count YUNMUNs past and present amongst their most cherished growth experiences, you will have the opportunity to connect with staff who embody immense motivation, involvement and impact. Beyond helping you carve through your topics and crisis, they are diverse exemplars of Jewish leadership from whom you can learn and with whom you can join.
I wish you the best of luck in your preparation and research, and encourage you to maximize the insight that your teachers, peers and chairs can provide. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you have at I
look forward to welcoming you to the YUNMUN XXVIII community, and to
witnessing the fruit of your forthcoming efforts.

Yardena (Dena) Katz
Secretary General