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Yeshiva University, in conjunction with the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, is proud to introduce its Madrichim Program. Each year, a select group of current students is chosen to visit the yeshiva they attended in Israel in order to facilitate the transition of incoming students to YU. Each madrich is an alumnus of an Israeli yeshiva attended by Yeshiva University students and has been trained in promoting the growth of their peers as they move from full-time Torah study to dual curriculum at YU and the many volunteer and employment opportunities offered to college students.

Under the leadership of Rabbi Gary Beitler, a Maggid Shiur in YU High School for Boys and a seasoned educator in both formal and informal settings, a wide array of programs are available to ensure a smooth transition for incoming students into Yeshiva University life. New students can look forward to:

  • Monthly chaburot by the alumni Madrichim
  • YU shabbatonim for specifically geared to different yeshiva constituencies along with In-Shabbatonim designed to enhance camaraderie amongst all YU talmidim
  • Luncheons with Roshei Yeshiva from various Israeli yeshivot
  • Halachah and Hashkafah lectures presented by Roshei yeshiva, mashgichim and lay professionals

Most important, the madrichim maintain constant contact with the new talmidim, the yeshiva's mashgichim and the Israeli yeshivot to ensure a smooth and successful transition. The programs listed above are all in addition to daily careful attention of rebbeim, mashgichim and the endeavors of the madrichim to check-in with students, find them chavrutot and offer advice.

The Madrichim Program has already succeeded in providing a warm and insightful gateway for hundreds of young talmidim, who, imbued with the insights of their year in Israel, continue their ascent in Torah and wisdom at Yeshiva University.

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Nachum Cooper

201-527-5380 cell

 Keren B’Yavneh

Charlie Wollman

201-803-8196 cell


Daniel Sherman

610-529-3182 cell

 Har Etzion (Gush)

Tuvy Miller

443-204-3411 cell

 Ohr Yerushalayim 

Avi Feder

516-708-5351 cell


Josh Schultz

551-497-8334 cell

 Netiv Aryeh  

Gilad Rosenberg

516-941-7270 cell

 Toras Sharge  

Zack Katz

216-299-2071 cell

 Reishit Yerushalayim  

Ari Ackerman

908-227-0915 cell

 Lev Hatorah  

Noah Cohen

561-789-5399 cell


Aryeh Sklar

516-984-4485 cell

 Derech Institue   

Orel Weizman

781-308-4072 cell