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Statistical Data, Consumer Information, Learning Assessment and Outcomes

Common Data Set  

The Common Data Set (CDS) provides a common format for supplying information to the College Board, Peterson's Guides, U.S. News & World Report and part of the Thomson Corporation. CDS covers such information as student admission, enrollment, retention, and graduation; academic offerings and policies; student life; financial aid, etc. The CDS is a set of standards and definitions of data items defined by these groups. For more information, visit the national site.

 Common Data Set 2014-2015 

 Common Data Set 2013-2014 
 Common Data Set 2012-2013 
 Common Data Set 2011-2012 
 Common Data Set 2010-2011 
 Common Data Set 2009-2010 

Official Enrollment Statistics  

Disclaimer: The purpose of the Official Enrollment Statistics (OES) is to provide a count of students registered at each school or program as of a census date. That being the case, the OES contains duplicates, such as when a single individual is simultaneously enrolled in multiple schools or programs. 

 Spring 2016 

 Fall 2015   Spring 2015 

 Fall 2014   Spring 2014 

 Fall 2013   Spring 2013 

 Fall 2012   Spring 2012 

 Fall 2011   Spring 2011 

 Fall 2010   Spring 2010 

 Fall 2009   Spring 2009 

 Fall 2008 

Trend Data

Fall Enrollment 2012-2015, Undergraduate