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Schools, Centers & Programs

Office of the Provost

Schools & Colleges

Yeshiva University is the country's oldest and most comprehensive institution combining Jewish scholarship with academic excellence and achievement in the liberal arts and sciences, medicine, law, business, social work, psychology, Jewish studies and education. Our schools and colleges offer bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees to over 6,400 students. Additionally, the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS) is the Western Hemisphere's leading center for Torah learning and training for the rabbinate.

Education at YU is collaborative. Students learn a great deal from each other as well as from their professors, who provide careful guidance and maintain the highest ethical standards in the classrooms.

Centers & Institutes

Through University-wide faculty seminars, scholar-in-residence programs, student events and activities, and public programs, our centers and institute engage in interdisciplinary, collaborative research across the University as well as establish YU as a catalyst for informed, thoughtful public discussions of issues across a wide spectrum. Led by distinguished scholars and faculty members, our centers and institutes also serve as resources to the community, especially the Jewish community, in addressing relevant issues both contemporary and old.

Degrees & Programs

The schools and colleges of Yeshiva University offer a full spectrum of undergraduate and advanced degrees and programs. Our undergraduate schools combine rigorous academics and unsurpassed Jewish studies together with varied courses in the liberal arts and sciences.

Joint and combined programs offer advanced degrees at one of our graduate schools or other top institutions in fields including engineering, occupational therapy, Jewish education, Jewish studies, law, social work, nursing and teaching.

We are home to one of the nation's top medical schools, one of the finest law schools established within the past 30 years and highly regarded graduate schools of social work, psychology, Jewish studies and Jewish education and administration. Innovations are continually made to create interdisciplinary areas and provide study opportunities in emerging fields such as health psychology, nuclear medicine and biomedical ethics. Additionally, Yeshiva University is always striving to provide more opportunities for interaction between the undergraduate schools and the graduate programs. 

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