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Post-Graduation Destination Outcomes

The Tableau visualization below allows you to see the career outcomes data for the undergradaute classes 2017 - 2020. You can filter by graduation year, major, minor, and class level. The current view is the most recent data from the Class of 2020. Some majors have few students and these data are very limited.

The Shevet Glaubach Center for Career Strategy and Professional Development collects data from those graduating in September, December, and May of each year. Tableau for the SGC is both a new implementation and a living data set. As such, data are being cleaned and sourced on a regular basis and we continue to work to make this completer and more robust.The SGC follows the data collection process defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers and consists of using surveys, making phone calls, and checking LinkedIn. In addition, the SGC has partnered with RocketReach to source information on those we are not able to locate. Each field of the survey is self-reported and not all students complete every field. Data represented will not always equate to 100% of the overall knowledge rate.

The Class of 2021 data will be available in Spring 2022 due to the nature of the process which includes a 6-month follow-up to each graduation date.

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