Registration Information

Registration for each term occurs within designated periods. Within these periods, you may be assigned specific registration appointment times. Consult with your school's academic advising office for more information.

Please see below for additional information regarding Undergraduate registration.  Graduate students should consult their individual programs for additional information.

Viewing the Course Schedule

Students can access registration and schedule information by logging in to Inside Track and navigating to Banner Self-Service (MyYU).

For a direct link to the undergraduate and graduate course search, visit the Schedule on MyYU (click here).


You will be notified by email when your grades have been posted to your transcript and are available to view on MyYU.  Grades are posted within 24 hours of submission by your instructor.  In general, most grades are posted one to two weeks after final exams.  If you are concerned about a missing grade, please check with the instructor or with the department that offers the class.

Final Exams

The Undergraduate final exam schedule is posted is posted here.  For questions regarding your final exam schedule, please contact your professor or school office.

GPA Calculator

Undergraduate Orientation Presentations

In conjunction with the Office of the Dean and Academic Advising, we have developed material to help orient you to your undergraduate education here at Yeshiva University. These presentations will provide you with a brief overview of your chosen program of study and what you can expect over the course of your college career. For clarification on any of the points throughout the presentation, please consult with an Academic Advisor for more information.

Note: Please be advised, that policies and requirements are subject to change at any time. These presentations will be updated every 6 months.