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Registration Information


Registration for each term occurs within designated periods. Within these periods, you may be assigned specific registration appointment times. Consult with your school's academic advising office for more information.

Please see below for additional information regarding Undergraduate registration. Graduate students should consult their individual programs for additional information.

Students can access registration and schedule information by logging in to Inside Track and navigating to Banner Self-Service.

For a direct link to the undergraduate and graduate course search, visit the Dynamic Schedule in Banner Self-Service (click here).

Face to Face Course

Course instruction occurs in a traditional classroom, laboratory, studio or other physical on-campus or remote or experiential location.  A face to face course may be supplemented by online instruction. 

  • Face to face courses will take place, in-person, with proper social distancing and hygiene protocols. 

Online Course

Course instruction occurs in an online environment only.  Students are not required to attend any face to face instruction or meetings with faculty or other students.  Instruction may be synchronous or asynchronous.  

  • Online courses may be delivered:
    • Synchronously* – faculty and students simultaneously engage in instruction and live online class discussions 
    • Asynchronously** - students pursue their work independently with guidance from faculty 

Blended Course

Course instruction contains a blend of both face to face and online instruction, whereby online instruction replaces or supplements face to face meeting time. The online portion of the course may be synchronous or asynchronous.

  • Face to face portion of courses will take place, in-person, with proper social distancing and hygiene protocols. 
  • Online portion of courses may be delivered: 
    • Synchronously* – faculty and students simultaneously engage in instruction and class discussions 
    • Asynchronously** - students pursue their work independently with guidance from faculty 
  • Students who are unable to come to campus may complete coursework online. 

*Synchronous instruction: Course instruction occurs simultaneously where the faculty person delivers instruction live to students.  Supplemental instruction, notes, lectures, assessments and syllabi are posted to the course via the university’s learning management system.  Students must adhere to all deadlines posted in the course syllabus. 

**Asynchronous instruction: Course instruction by the faculty member is not delivered live to students.  Students access course content and engage in learning activities on demand: notes, pre-recorded lectures and presentations, group assignments, assessments and syllabi are accessed via the university’s learning management system by the students at a convenient time.  Students must adhere to all deadlines posted in the course syllabus. 

You will be notified by email when your grades have been posted to your transcript and are available to view on Banner Self Service. Grades are posted within 24 hours of submission by your instructor.  In general, most grades are posted one to two weeks after final exams.  If you are concerned about a missing grade, please check with the instructor or with the department that offers the class.

  • Check class status, hold status and registration date
    1. Go to InsideTrack
    2. Log in with your username and password
    3. On the left side of the screen, hover over/click on Students
    4. Select Undergraduate / Graduate
    5. Under Frequently Used Links, click on Student Dashboard
    6. Under Registration, click on View my Registration Status
    7. Select the semester from the drop down menu
    8. Click on Submit
  • View holds (Students will not be able to register if there are any holds on their account)
    • Click on “View Holds” at the bottom of the page
    • If it is a financial hold, students must contact the Office of Student Finance ( or 646-592-6260)
  • Check Curriculum Information
    • From your Student Dashboard, under Frequently Used, click on View My Student Profile
    • On the right side of the page under Curriculum, review your primary curriculum as well as any secondary curricula
  • Confirm you are properly coded for your School and Program
    • If changes are required, please submit a Declaration of Academic Major and Minors form from the Forms page to your campus registrar's office.

In conjunction with the Office of the Dean and Academic Advising, we have developed material to help orient you to your undergraduate education here at Yeshiva University. These presentations will provide you with a brief overview of your chosen program of study and what you can expect over the course of your college career. For clarification on any of the points throughout the presentation, please consult with an Academic Advisor for more information.

Note: Please be advised, that policies and requirements are subject to change at any time. These presentations will be updated every 6 months.

Students who do not attend course(s) for which they are enrolled will be identified by the individual faculty members as Never Attended through an attendance verification process conducted each semester.  The process will take place during the 3rd week of the semester.  Students identified as Never Attended in all of their course(s) may be administratively dropped from their courses.

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