Wurzweiler Faculty

Whether you're in classroom or in a one-on-one consultation, you'll have easy and open access to Wurzweiler's scholars and practitioners. Your professors aren't just teachers; the knowledge they pass on to you has been honed by experience in the field. Many draw on interdisciplinary backgrounds to provide insight into diverse areas of social research and practice and are continually expanding their expertise through publication and practice.

Our faculty advise, advocate, lead community organizations and present research at international conferences. But most important, they are here for you.

Saul Andron, Associate Professor
Charles Auerbach, Professor
Nancy Beckerman,  Professor
Joan Beder, Professor
Richard Caputo, Professor
Matthew Cuellar, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of PhD Program
Jill B. Feigeles, Assistant Professor
Lynn Levy, Assistant Professor
Susan Mason, Professor;
Daniel Pollack, Professor
Sari Skolnik, Assistant Professor
Gary L. Stein, Professor


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