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The PhD program in social welfare is designed for the working social work professional. The program's objective is to further the education of professionals for scholarly and creative leadership in social work practice, education, social policy, planning, research and administration. Practice and policy issues, both historical and contemporary, provide a focus for studying social work as an institutionally based profession.

Social work theory, philosophy, knowledge, values and skills are explored within the context of current and past practice experiences. Each course provides the student with different and complementary opportunities to explore the relationship between theory and practice, knowledge and action. Courses are offered on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Please note that to be considered for the MSW/PhD program students must apply also for the PhD program after completing the first semester of the MSW program.

Career Development

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We provide our doctoral students with much assistance during their years of study at Wurzweiler.



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Our faculty advise, advocate, lead community organizations and present research at international conferences. But most important, they are here for you.