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Master of Social Work — Israel Block Program

Wurzweiler runs a unique program in Israel that enables social work graduates of the program to get licensed in both the United States and Israel. Students come to New York in the summer (June or July) for 2 years, and take classes in a concentrated block. Upon returning to your home country, in this case Israel, field practicum hours can be completed at a local agency.

Our faculty is as diverse as the program! Because of our partnership with Hebrew University in Jerusalem, some of our teachers are Israelis based in Israel. Others are New York-based faculty. And still others are faculty we have recruited from around the United States with distinguished expertise. In addition, our partnership with Hebrew University enables our students to take the Casework and Policy courses on site at the University.

Social work requires a special type of nurturing.  At Wurzweiler we know your name, we know your strengths, and we know where you want to grow.  Making sure you feel supported by the staff and faculty through this process is a top priority.

To learn more about the Israel MSW program you can schedule a meeting with the MSW program in Israel.

  • Eight weeks in NYC — all classes in person (due to COVID-19, classes may be offered through a virtual classroom).
  • Field work in your home town during the fall/spring
  • Ideal for professionals looking to spend the summers in NYC and their fall/spring semesters in their hometown (Israel). This is a seven-semester program that includes three summers as 8-week long sessions, in-person, in NY.  Fieldwork would be completed during the two fall and two spring semesters at  your country of residence anywhere in the world. As part of your MSW, you will receive a comprehensive background in social work, social welfare organization, cultural diversity and human behavior.

  • Four weeks in NYC — hybrid classes — in-person and online with continued online work through August 12 (due to COVID-19, classes may be offered through a virtual classroom).
  • Field work in your hometown (Israel) during the fall/spring semesters in conjunction with additional online coursework.
  • Ideal for professionals looking for a hybrid style of learning, particularly those who are educators and school administrators. This is a seven-semester program that includes three summers broken down into 4-week long sessions in-person and an additional 2 weeks as asynchronous online. The additional two fall and two spring semesters will include fieldwork within your place of residence anywhere in the world. As part of your MSW, you will learn about coping mechanisms, behavioral disruption, the ways emotional health can impact learning, and more.

We place students in social service agencies that work with every population and problem imaginable. Agencies eagerly embrace our students because they know they are very bright and motivated.

Each Student is required to complete 600 hours of fieldwork a year.

How it works in Israel:

Faculty work together with students to match each student with a well suited placement. Field placement options in Israel are varied and cover a range of social service agencies, as well as other organizations that provide a variety of services. Placements are located throughout the country, in cities such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Raanana, Herzliya, among others. Current field placement agencies include mental health clinics, family services, medical settings, at-risk youth, the elderly, gap-year programs, addiction treatment, and more. While many placements offer English-language services, a number of clinical placements require some level of Hebrew skills. Each student receives weekly supervision by a highly experienced supervisor and Wurzweiler Israel field advisors are especially involved and available whenever needed throughout the field work experience.


Ph.D. in Social Work

Earn your PhD remotely from Israel or anywhere else in the world. Our Ph.D. in Social Work Program prepares students for a long and fulfilling career in clinical, research, leadership, policy and administration jobs. Join the next generation of scholars, educators and influencers in the field of social work. Learn more about our PhD in Social Work.

Female student in cap and gown smiing

Wurzweiler’s Alumni and Professional Community

At Wurzweiler, we bring students together from all over the world to learn from very experienced and knowledgeable faculty and from a diverse student body.

Annual events:

Every year we create an event for Wurzweiler Israel's students, supervisors, Alumni and professionals. This event takes place at the YU campus in Jerusalem, and in addition to getting together and listening to an exceptional speaker there is a light super included.


Networking with other alumni and professionals via our social media groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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