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    ART (ARTS)

     2001 The Studio Experience 3 credits
    Introduction to several different art media and approaches, for the beginning art student. Drawing, painting, and sculpture projects dealing with various degrees of realism and abstraction. For non-majors only.

     2201 Principles of Design 3 credits
    Elements and principles of two-dimensional visual expression, such as line, space, color, and shape, with emphasis on compositional movement. Studio projects, weekly sketchbook assignments and written art reviews.  Foundations level course to be taken early in the Studio Art sequence.

     2205 Color 3 credits
    Introduction to the study of color and the role it plays in design and art.  Fundamental concepts such as color interaction, expressive color, color physics, spectral color and surface color will be exploredthrough a series of hands-on projects in a variety of media including acrylic painting. 

    2210 Architectural Drawing 3 credits
    Introduces students to the various roles drawing plays in architecture and design. Students develop technical skills and gain architectural appreciation through observational studies utilizing line, value, composition and rendering techniques. The class will explore how drawing is used in the design process.  Prerequisite: ARTS 2201, 2301 or permission of instructor.

     2284 Pastel 3 credits
    Exploration of pastel technique, with studies from the still life, live model, and imagination.  No prerequisite, but drawing and/or painting experience is helpful.

     2286 Watercolor 3 credits
    Instruction in the practice of watercolor painting methods and materials with projects including still life, portrait, landscape and non-objective formats.  Basic techniques covered include wash, wet into dry, wet into wet, masking, glazing and others. No prerequisite, but drawing and/or painting experience is helpful.  

     2301 Principles of Drawing 3 credits
    Introduction to basic drawing skills via study of the still life. Fundamental drawing concepts including: Perspective, effective use of line, mass and value are explored through diverse graphic media. Foundations level course to be taken early in the Studio Art sequence.

     2303 Intermediate Drawing 3 credits
    Extension and application of basic skills acquired in ARTS 2301. Continued exploration of drawing as an expressive medium through traditional and non-traditional formats and a variety of media. Projects include still life, live model, portrait and drawing from imagination.
    Prerequisite: ARTS 2301 or equivalent.

     2304 Advanced Drawing 3 credits
    Extension and application of skills acquired in ARTS 2303 or equivalent. Cultivation of drawing disciplines, encouragement of original thinking, and development of individual style. This course may be taken a second time for credit.
    Prerequisite: ARTS 2303 or equivalent.

     2305 Portrait Drawing 3 credits
    Drawing the portrait through study of the human head in terms of anatomy, proportion, and expression. Resources include the live model, photographs, and master drawings. Traditional and innovative approaches explored; applications of various media, monochromatic and color.

     2306 Drawing on New York 3 credits
    An offsite drawing course that uses such sites as Bryant Park, the East River, and alternative interior sites as subjects for drawings in a variety of media.
    Prerequisite: ARTS 2301

      2307 Illustration 3 credits
    Working in a variety of media from both observation and imagination, students will gain experience communicating ideas and content through the use of illustration. Projects include: Graphic novel, children’s book, editorial, comic strip among others.
    Prerequisite: ARTS 2301 or equivalent.

     2310 Mural Painting 3 credits
    Large-scale paintings in acrylic and oil in triptych format. Emphasis on compositional concerns.  Prerequisite: ARTS 2511 or permission of instructor

     2511 Beginning Painting 3 credits
    Introduction of basic acrylic painting techniques . Fundamental concepts and skills including color mixing, use of tools and media, rendering form, spatial relationships and composition will be covered through a variety of projects, primarily from the still life.  Foundations level course to be taken early in the Studio Art sequence.   

     2513 Intermediate Painting 3 credits
    Introduction of oil painting techniques through hands-on projects. An opportunity for students to develop their visual voice.
    Prerequisite: ARTS 2001 or ARTS 2511.

     2515 Advanced Painting 3 credits
    Extended study of painting as an expressive medium with a focus on formal and conceptual development. Use of oil, acrylic, and mixed media. Intended for the mature exploratory painter.
    Prerequisite: ARTS 2513.

     2700 Three-Dimensional Design 3 credits
     A study in the fundamentals of Three Dimensional composition as used by architects, artists, and designers to successfully create products, objects, spaces and experiences.  Introduction of basic three-dimensional processes and materials and development of the students’ ability to analyze form and space relationships as well as the various intersections of structure, form, and meaning.

     2701 Sculpture 3 credits
    Concepts of modern sculpture explored through specific hands-on projects including:  Carving, modeling, casting, and assemblage.

     2703 Model Making 3 credits 
    This course acquaints students with two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional communication tools. Exercises emphasize various kinds of drawings, both free-hand and mechanical. Using drawing as the basis of construction, various model-making techniques and materials will be explored. Prerequisite: ARTS 2700

     2831 Creativity and Innovation 3 credits
    Series of open-ended two­ and three-dimensional projects utilizing new materials and encouraging innovation, experimentation, and creativity.

     2901 Printmaking 3 credits
    Introduction to a variety of printmaking techniques including:  Linocut, lithograph and silkscreen.

     2902 Advanced Printmaking 3 credits
    Advanced projects in printmaking; exploration of additional media and techniques. Prerequisite: ARTS 2901.

     3009 Introduction to  Computer Design 3 credits
    Students acquire a basic proficiency in the software programs essential to graphic design and visual communication: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.  This course is the prerequisite for several intermediate level design courses and should be taken early in the Studio Art sequence.   

     3012 Digital Photography 3 credits 
    An introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography.  Basic camera operation, editing images, lighting and composition will be covered. Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and other software are utilized to explore possibilities for image correction, manipulation and output.

     3013 Intermediate Design 3 credits
    Extensive study of graphic design principles with a concentration on research, process and experimentation.Focusing on visual communication, students will familiarize themselves with the graphic design process through a range of projects for both print-based media and the screen.  Emphasis on applying the appropriate software and tools to more complex and comprehensive design challenges.   Prerequisites: ARTS 2201, 3009.   

     3014 Typography 3 credits
    Introduction to the fundamentals of typography: Typographic terms and technologies, compositions and systems. Projects utilize hand-made studio processes as well as computer technology.  Focus on typography as an expressive medium that can create and support content through a variety of projects. Prerequisites: ARTS 2201, 3009.  

     3016 Advanced Layout Design/Typography 3 credits  

     3018 Exhibition Design 3 credits
    Study of the process and elements involved in exhibition design. Students will collaborate on the design of the annual Stern Senior Art Exhibition while relevant issues such as exhibition identity, environmental graphics, promotional materials and space planning are discussed.  Intended for students interested in graphic design, interior design, architecture or museum studies.   ARTS 2201 and ARTS 3014 recommended.

     3020 Introduction to  Video 3 credits
    Introduction to the fundamental techniques and processes of digital video production.  Students take projects from concept to completion while learning basics in digital videography, editing (using Final Cut Pro) and creating an online video portfolio.  Projects include: Narrative short, music video and documentary.

     3021 Advanced Video 3 credits
    This course builds upon the knowledge and skills acquired in ARTS 3020. Advanced editing techniques, image manipulation tools, compositing, motion graphics and media management are covered. Students create both collaborative and independent video projects using Final Cut Pro Studio software.  Prerequisite: ARTS 3020.

     3022 Stop-Motion Animation 3 credits
    An in-depth study of stop-motion animation and claymation studio methods. An overview of the history of animation will be combined with hands-on projects, story boarding, character development and set/scene design. Students will create their own animations using a variety of stop-motion techniques.

    3025 Intermediate Photography 3 credits
    This course builds on the fundamentals acquired in Digital Photography and guides students to an advanced, working understanding of the medium.  Students will become well versed in numerous technical approaches to image making (film, studio lighting, post production, fine art printing); hone their analytical skills through lectures, research and gallery visits; as well as learn about the realities of being a professional photographer.
    Prerequisite: ARTS 3012

    3026 Advanced Photography 3 credits
    Extended study of the photographic medium focusing on advanced practices and concepts as well as portfolio development.
    Prerequisite: ARTS 3025
    3045 Advanced Design 3 credits
    Concentration on sophisticated creative strategies and the advancement of personal style through a progression of rigorous and complex design projects.  Intended to equip students to enter professional practice in graphic design, portfolio development will be emphasized.  ARTS 3021 recommended. Prerequisites: ARTS 3013, 3014 

     3830 Methods and Media 3 credits
    Examination of traditional techniques of drawing and painting from a historical perspective while exploring contemporary applications. Covers two-dimensional media including:  Silver-point, gold leaf, egg tempera, fresco, and encaustic.   

     3842 Art Therapy 3 credits Students will be introduced to the main theoretical approaches of art therapy. They will explore the therapeutic use of art materials and the context in which they are used. The class will consist of readings, lectures, discussions, art experientials and 2 site visits.

     3965-3970 Topics in Studio Art ­3 credits

     4901, 4902 Independent Study
    See Academic Information and Policies section.

     4932 Art and Experience in Medici Florence 3 credits
    Covers the art and history of Florence— the center of the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century—as well as the role of the Jews and their contribution to Italian culture, through visits to Florence museums and monuments.
      Prerequisite: ARTS 1050 or ARTS 1052. Recommended: ARTS 1302.

     4975 Senior Project 1 credit
    Mandatory exit project in which the student creates a culminating portfolio piece in her area of specialization. Required for studio art majors.



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