In classes and one-on-one consultations, you’ll learn alongside Ferkauf scholars and practitioners who are continually expanding their expertise through published writing and practice. Our faculty advise, advocate, establish practices, receive federal grants for research and present papers at national and international conferences. And they’re here for you in every step of your educational, professional and personal development at Ferkauf.

professor and students in classroom

Lawrence J. Siegel, Professor Emeritus

Clinical Psychology Program, PsyD

Core Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

  • William Salton, Adjunct Assistant Professor;
    Director of the Max and Celia Parnes Family Psychological and Psychoeducational Services Clinic

Professors Emeriti

Clinical Psychology Health Emphasis Program, PhD

School-Clinical Child Psychology Program, PsyD

Mental Health Counseling Program, MA

  • Michael S. Gill, Assistant Dean;
    Director of the Mental Health Counseling Program, MA
  • David Bergstein, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Rosemarie Chatterton, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Raquel Crespo, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Irit Felsen, Adjunct Professor
  • Stephen Glicksman, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Irene Javors, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Roz Sherman, Adjunct Associate Professor