Student Resources

Welcome to the Student Resources page for current Ferkauf students.  We hope this page will provide you with the information needed to help you navigate through your program at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology.

The Ferkauf Academic Calendar lists important dates that every student should know, and we encourage all students to refer to this calendar frequently throughout the semester. Please note, the calendar may change at any time.

The 2020-2021 catalog (PDF) supercedes all previous printed and online versions of the Ferkauf Catalog and academic regulations and is binding on all current graduate students. It was prepared on the basis of the best information available at the time of publication and is updated regularly by the dean, program directors, faculty and University administrators of Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology.

The University reserves the right to change tuition, fees, course offerings, regulations, and admission and graduation requirements at any time without prior notice. Students should refer back to this online catalog on a regular basis for the latest information on Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology policies and procedures.

Archived Catalogs:

This Step-by-Step Guide (PDF) will help you navigate all aspects of MY YU.  Please see below for additional information.

Registration Information

Important Dates

Spring 2019:

  • Spring 2019 Registration: Monday, December 3rd to Friday, December 21st
  • Last Day to Drop a Spring 2019 Course without Financial Penalty: Monday, January 28th
  • Last Day to Drop WITHOUT a "W" on your transcript: Monday, February 18th

Fall 2019:

  • Fall 2019 Registration: May 1- May 15, 2019
  • Last Day to Drop a Fall 2019 Course without Financial Penalty: Monday, August 26th, 2019
  • Last Day to Drop WITHOUT a "W" on your transcript: Monday, September 16th, 2019

Course Schedule

Registration Procedures

  1. Log on to MY YU
  2. Click on “Faculty, Students, and Staff”
  3. Enter your username and PIN
  4. Your username is your unique YU ID number beginning with 800 or 999.
    • If this is the first time you are logging in, you should click on “reset my pin”.  You will be prompted to enter your username and YU email address.  A temporary pin will be emailed to you.  Note, you will be prompted to change your PIN once you have logged in.
    • If you have previously logged in, your PIN will be the numbers you chose after the first time you logged in.
  5. Click on “Student and Financial Aid”
  6. Click on “Registration”
  7. Click on “Add/Drop Classes”  
  8. Enter your Registration Access Code (RAC)
  9. Make sure you enter the correct term and click “Submit”
  10. Before you register you will need to locate the course CRN number (found on the course schedule see above secion).
  11. Enter your course selections and click “Submit Changes”  
  12. If you need to DROP a class, use the ACTION pull-down boxes in the “Current Schedule” area. Click on “Submit Changes”.

Please note, according to the Ferkauf catalog, "Students must maintain continuous registration until graduation - including registering for research until the oral defense is complete."  This includes registration for Research Project I & II and Dissertation Planning.  A student who neither registers nor secures an official Leave of Absence for any semester is considered as having withdrawn from the school.

Enrollment Verification

You may obtain an official enrollment verification certificate at any time, free of charge, by logging into MY YU.  The verification certificate can be presented to health insurance agencies, housing authorities, consumer product companies, banks, etc., when asked to provide official evidence of enrollment at Yeshiva University.

To request your certificate:

  1. Log on to MY YU  
  2. Click on “Student and Financial Aid”  
  3. Click on “Obtain an enrollment verification certificate”.  You will be taken to the National Student Clearinghouse website in a new browser window.
  4. Print your verification certification
  5. To return to MY YU, simply close the Clearinghouse web browser window and hit the “back” button on your browser.

Ordering a Transcript

Students can now order a transcript through MY YU. Please refer to the Transcript Ordering Procedures for step by step instructions. Please make sure you read carefully the information regarding ordering an electronic email (PDF) transcript. If there are pending issues such as grading, degree conferral, outside coursework, etc., it may be necessary to review your unofficial transcript beforehand to ensure aesthetical content.

In order to be considered for degree conferral, you must submit a Graduation Application (PDF)  to the Office of the Registrar by the deadlines listed below.  All doctoral students are required to apply for and obtain a Master's en route degree en route.  Degrees are conferred September 30th, January 31st, June 30th, and August 31st of each year.  In order to be eligible for a degree, you must complete all program requirements by the degree date.  For doctoral students, this includes but is not limited to completion of all required coursework, externships, internships, passing the oral defense, completion of all revisions, and submission of a research project/dissertation. 

Applications for the January degree are due November 1st while applications for the June, August, and September degrees are due March 1st.  Degrees are only conferred when the Office of the Registrar officially confirms that all requirements have been met.  If a student does not meet the requirements for the date she applied, she must file a new application for each subsequent degree date until the degree is conferred.  Diplomas will be mailed to the address the student lists on the Graduation Application within 8 weeks of the degree date.

The following services are available online through our official diploma vendor, the Michael Sutter Company.

  • Order a replacement diploma - Order your diploma easily online. There is a $50.00 charge for each diploma replacement. You will be able to choose Standard Delivery or Express Overnight Delivery. Your Diploma will be printed and mailed within 1-2 days of your order.
  • Diploma Status - Search the status of your diploma order whether it is your new diploma or replacement diploma.

Online Diploma Service

Students who plan to defend must schedule their oral defense with the Psychology Office at least 2 weeks in advance of their oral defense date.  Students who plan to graduate should schedule their oral defense early enough to have time to work on revisions and submit their research project/dissertation before the degree date.

All Ph.D students are required to submit a dissertation for binding.  The dissertation must be formatted according to the Dissertation Formatting Guidelines (PDF). After you pass your oral defense and your revisions have been approved by your chairperson, please email a copy of your formatted dissertation to Tara Kent, Assistant Registrar (resnickregistrar@yu.edu).  She will review the dissertation and let you know of any additional changes. 

Once Ms. Kent has approved your dissertation, please follow the Printing Instructions (PDF) for submitting copies of your dissertation and the required paperwork.  Along with the copies of your dissertation, you will need to submit the Mailing Address Form (PDF) and the 2012-2013 UMI Agreement (PDF).  For assistance deciding which publishing options to choose, please read the UMI Publishing Options Guide (PDF).  There is a $350 fee that is required upon submission of your dissertation and paperwork.

The Office of the Dean (in partnership with the Office of Disability Services) assists students with documented disabilities and medical conditions in obtaining reasonable accommodations.  If you believe that you may need an accommodation, please review the information below. 

The University is committed to providing options, support and assistance to victims/survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and/or stalking to ensure that they can continue to participate in University-wide and campus programs, activities, and employment. All victims/survivors of these crimes and violations have the following rights, regardless of whether the crime or violation occurs on campus, off campus, or while studying abroad:

All students have the right to:

  1. Make a report to local law enforcement and/or state police;
  2. Have disclosures of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault treated seriously;
  3. Make a decision about whether or not to disclose a crime or violation and participate in the judicial or conduct process and/or criminal justice process free from pressure by the institution;
  4. Participate in a process that is fair, impartial, and provides adequate notice and a meaningful opportunity to be heard;
  5. Be treated with dignity and to receive from the institution courteous, fair, and respectful health care and counseling services, where available;
  6. Be free from any suggestion that the reporting individual is at fault when these crimes and violations are committed, or should have acted in a different manner to avoid such crimes or violations;
  7. Describe the incident to as few institution representatives as practicable and not be required to unnecessarily repeat a description of the incident;
  8. Be protected from retaliation by the institution, any student, the accused and/or the respondent, and/or their friends, family and acquaintances within the jurisdiction of the institution;
  9. Access to at least one level of appeal of a determination;
  10. Be accompanied by an advisor of choice who may assist and advise a reporting individual, accused, or respondent throughout the judicial or conduct process including during all meetings and hearings related to such process; and
  11. Exercise civil rights and practice of religion without interference by the investigative, criminal justice, or judicial or conduct process of the institution.

For more information about preventing and addressing sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking at the University, see the University’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedures available on the University’s website at: Yeshiva University's Student Standards and Policies, Human Resources Policies, and Office of the General Counsel Policies and Procedures (among other places). This policy includes information about filing a report, seeking a response and options for confidential disclosure.