MAJOR: Stern College for Women
The Biology major offers three tracks: the General track; the Molecular and Cellular track; and the Neuroscience track. All three tracks require BIOL 1011C, 1012C (lecture and laboratory); CHEM 1045C, 1046C (lecture and laboratory); two courses chosen from MATH 1412, MATH 1413, STAT 1021, and COMP 1300C. Organic chemistry and physics are strongly recommended.

The additional specific requirements for each track follow:

  • General Track: 20-22 BIOL credits: 3207C, 3513C plus two additional 4-credit lecture/laboratory courses and either an additional 4-credit lecture/laboratory course, or two 2 lecture-only courses. At least one lecture/lab course or lecture-only course must be chosen from Ecology or Invertebrate Zoology. Biochemistry may count toward the required biology credits. 
  • Molecular and Cellular Track: 24 BIOL credits including four 4-credit lecture/lab courses with the following distribution: 3207C, 3513C, 3521C. One lecture/laboratory or lecture-only course must be chosen from Ecology or Invertebrate Zoology (3 or 4 credits). The remaining 8-10 credits may be selected from: 2601, 3230, 3241,  3730, 3750, 4023C and CHEM 1376R-L.
  • Neuroscience Track: 16-17 BIOL credits and 19 PSYC credits: BIOL  3728C, 12-13 BIOL credits chosen from 2730C, 3207C, 3241, 3513C, , and 3750 or 1376. PSYC 1010, 2100C, 2150, 3804, 3810, and 3815. Some of these Psychology courses may also apply toward the General Education Requirements. See the Departmental Fact Sheet for details.

MINOR: Stern College for Women

BIOL 1011C, 1012C and 10 additional BIOL credits, at least 8 of which must be in advanced lecture/laboratory courses. Biochemistry may count toward the biology minor.

 Detailed Biology Factsheet (PDF)