The following list includes faculty who teach at the Beren (B) and/or Wilf (W) campus.

Ruth A. Bevan
Professor Emerita of Political Science
David W. Petegorsky Chair in Political Science (W)

Chuck Freilich
Visiting Professor of Political Science (B)

Matthew Holbreich
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Science (B)
Straus Center Fellow

Matthew Incantalupo
Assistant Professor of Political Science (W)

Hill Krishnan
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Science (B/W)

Adina Levine
Adjunct Instructor of Political Science (B/W)

Senator Joseph Lieberman
Chair in Public Policy and Public Service (B/W)

Joseph E. Luders
Associate Professor in Political Science (B);
David and Ruth Gottesman Chair in Political Science 
Chair, Department of Political Science

Joanna Phua
Adjunct Instructor in Political Science (B)

Joel Strauss
Adjunct Instructor in Political Science (B)

Maria Zaitseva
Adjunct Assistant Professor in Political Science (W)