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Resources for Economists
From the American Economic Association.

Economics: Research Guide
From the Yale University Library. Includes a listing of economics blogs.

Data & Research
FRED database

IDEAS: Economics and Finance Research
A bibliographic database from the University of Connecticut Department of Economics.

Free Online MIT Course Materials
MIT OpenCourseWare in Economics.

A free and open database with economic, demographic, societal and market data.


Graduate Study

Master of Science in Quantitative Economics
one of YU's Graduate Program in Arts and Sciences

 Master of Science in Accounting
At YUs very own Syms School of Business.

Economics and Economic Development
Listings from

Rankings: Economics Graduate Schools
From US News and World Report.

News and Organizations

Economics News
From the New York Times.

American Economics Association
Encourages research, issues publications and supports freedom of economic discussion.

National Association of Business Economics
An association of professionals with an interest in business economics, seeking to use the latest economic data and trends to make sound business decisions.