Students beginning their studies in Fall 2013 or later can opt for a Basic or a Mathematical Economics Major:

ECO 1010 (beginning in Fall 2015 replacing ECO 1031 and 1041), STAT 1021, MAT 1412 (4 credits), ECO 1101, 1201, 1421 plus three electives (9 credits)  in economics (may include 6 credits for Finance and Accounting classes, but no more than 3 for Accounting) and two advanced Economics elective (6 credits).  Total credits: 34
MAT 1412, 1413, 1510 (4 credits each); ECO 1101, 1201; STAT 1021 or ECO 5202 or MAT 2461; ECO 1421 or ECO 5203 or MAT 2462; One general elective (or ECO 1010); two advanced Economics electives; Capstone: MQE ECO 5101 or MQE ECO 5103 or Senior Research Seminar. Total credits: 36
Students who can place out of MAT 1412 must take MAT 2105. Students who can place out of both MAT 1412 and 1413 must take MAT 2105 plus either an additional higher level math class or economics elective.

Latest information about the new (2017) Economics Major can be found at this link: 2017 Economics Major Summary   
More info about the pre-2015 major can be found at this link:  pre 2015 Economics Major summary.



ECO 1010,  MAT 1412, any four electives in Economics.Total credits; 19

Students beginning their studies prior to Fall 2013:

ECO 1031, 1041, 1101, 1201; STA 1021; ECO 1421; 15 additional credits in ECO courses or FIN 1408. Up to 6 other credits in Finance or Accounting courses in the Syms School may count toward the major. Please note that Sy Syms courses in other areas such as Marketing or Management no longer count toward the major. Students considering graduate study in economics are advised to take ECO 1421 and MAT 1412, 1413, and at least two 1500-level or higher Mathematics classes. Two 1500-level or higher Mathematics classes will count as three credits toward the Economics elective requirements.

Older requirements can be found here:  Former requirements.

All majors are required to take an exit exam in order to graduate.  The MFT exam administered by ETS is sufficient to waive this requirement.  Please see Nicholas in the Dean's office about registering for the test. Failure on this exam necessitates taking the departmental exam.  Please contact Professor Grivoyannis regarding this exam.