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Yeshiva College Students and Academic Integrity at YC

Academic Integrity

Dear Yeshiva College Students:
Academic integrity is at the core of all intellectual pursuits, both in the yeshiva and in the college. We outline here the Yeshiva College policy on academic integrity. It provides a clear definition of what is considered cheating and plagiarism and sets forth penalties for those who do not live up to these standards in class assignments and exams. As you will find in reading this statement of policy, the penalties for violating academic integrity standards are severe. For your part, you are responsible for knowing and abiding by the detailed policy outlined below. As dean of Yeshiva College, I am responsible for enforcing these guidelines. I look forward to working with you to ensure that Yeshiva College is a model of academic integrity for the larger Jewish and academic communities.

Karen Bacon
The Monique C. Katz Dean of
Undergraduate Faculty of Yeshiva University

Statement of Purpose

Committed to the highest values of both Judaism and Western civilization, Yeshiva College strives to ensure that each student will maintain the highest moral, ethical and academic standards. The governing principle within the curriculum is academic integrity—accepting the responsibility for being judged on the basis of your own work and your own achievements. This principle requires that you receive no unauthorized assistance from others and that you give explicit credit for authorized assistance and for each thought or expression you borrow from any outside source. Your submission of any examination, course assignment, or degree requirement represents your affirmation that you have lived up to these standards. Because of our beliefs in personal honesty as well as academic integrity, we consider all instances of academic dishonesty, cheating, and plagiarism intolerable and punishable. In keeping with the policy of “zero tolerance” for all infractions against academic integrity announced by President Richard M. Joel, every violation of our policy will result in an appropriate penalty.

 Academic Integrity Policy (PDF)