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Major Fact Sheet

Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics 
Total: 27 credits 

IDS 2030- Business Analytics and Programming
IDS 2160- Decision Models
IDS 2550- Business Intelligence and Consumer Insights
MAR 2501- Buyer Behavior
MAR 3318- Social Media
IDS 3000 (Capstone) - Business Intelligence Project
3 business electives

Information and Decision Sciences Minor
For Syms students: Any three upper level Information and Decision Sciences courses.
Available to Yeshiva College and Stern College Students:
IDS 1020 Introduction to Information Systems
IDS 1131 Business Statistics
IDS 2030 Business Analytics and Programming
IDS 2160 Decision Models
IDS Elective
IDS Elective

*Students who have taken STA 1021 (and received a grade of C or better) should take IDS 1456. Students who have also taken Calculus, should then take another business core (principles) course instead of IDS 1131 or IDS 1456.