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S. Abraham Ravid,
Department Chair, Finance

Finance at Sy Syms School of Business empowers students with the technical skills and foundational concepts to make sound financial decisions in a multifaceted and complex world-wide financial environment.

Business is conducted by multinational corporations, insurance companies and investment banking and brokerage institutions in global capital markets utilizing diverse financial securities and derivative instruments. The Finance program develops an understanding of the domestic and international financial environment by studying shareholder value creation, financial structuring, capital markets and instruments, speculative markets and derivatives, strategies in risk management, and the nature of risk/reward in long term investment planning and entrepreneurship.

Basic course offerings include: Principles of Finance, Corporate Finance, Advanced Corporate Finance, Investment Analysis, Security Analysis, Portfolio Management, Speculative Markets, Financial Statement Analysis, Historical Development of Finance, and International Finance.

The concentration in finance informs careers in the public and private sectors of the economy, in corporate decision making for commercial and non-profit organizations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships.

Sy Syms School of Business finance alumni have gone on to success at major corporations, portfolio management and venture capital firms, investment banks and commercial banks, insurance and brokerage firms, mutual funds and real estate corporations.

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