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Resources and Guidelines

Sy Syms School of Business Academic Advising

Programs of Study

Please use the programs of study to see the full list of requirements, and to check off all courses that you have completed. This will be helpful when planning your schedule for future semesters. If you need any assistance, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

Business Internship Program

Please note: Students can earn a total of 3 internship credits, once a student has earned 3 internship credits, they cannot do any more internships for credit. 

Application Due Dates

Summer Internship: June 16th
Fall Internship: September 25th
Spring Internship: February 26th

Application Process

For the Internship please do the following:

  1. Complete the application via the Google form.
  2. Send the Internship Proposal to your employer, and ask them to email it to 
  3. If you are an international student, complete your CPT Form and send it to
  4. Internship materials will be processed starting on June 16th. After that date, students will get emails explaining next steps (including how to register, and how to pay, and how to take the accompanying class on Canvas)

All applications will take one month to process. Please note that all Fall and Spring internships can be a maximum of 1 credit. 

Business Internship Program FAQs

  • Students must have junior status at time of internship.  This means you must have a minimum of 61 credits completed.
  • Students must demonstrate a cumulative average of at least a B (3.0). Internship applicants with averages below a B must be granted written permission from the Sy Syms Dean’s office.
  • Students must have junior status or must be granted permission by the Sy Syms Dean's Office. 
  • Students cannot take an internship for credit as their final credits. Students must return to campus after their internship.

  • Students must submit all application materials (application, business proposal) by the Application Deadline.
  • The internship application materials are reviewed and approved (NOTE: This may take up to 2 weeks).
  • The Advising office will send an official email lettering students know whether or not the application was approved. If you do not receive this email, it has not been approved. 
  • Once approved, summer and part-time fall and spring students must pay the registration fee at the Office of Student Finance (see Fees below for more details).
  • The student is registered for the class on Canvas (SUMMER ONLY). 
  • Students must log on to Canvas to complete all assignments and paperwork by the deadlines including a 10-page paper. If you do not do the Canvas class you will not receive credit (SUMMER ONLY). 

  • If internship is approved and requirements are successfully met, academic credits are awarded based on number of hours worked at internship during the semester. 1 unit of credit is awarded for each 100 hours of internship work completed. However, Fall and Spring internships can only go up to 1 credit total for the semester. 
  • Syms students may earn a maximum of 3 credits of business internship, which may be earned all at once or in a combination of up to 3 internships.  If a student earns 3 internship credits, he/she may count the credits as a business elective.
  • Both paid, as well as unpaid, internships can be considered eligible for credit, providing internships are approved.

  • Hours from one semester’s internship cannot be used for credit awarded in another semester. Students may submit/finalize their application after they have begun working but under no circumstance may a student apply for a business internship after they have completed the work.
  • To avoid any potential conflicts of interest, students may NOT intern for a company owned or managed in any way by a family member. The internship supervisor may not be a family member or working under the supervision of a family member. *Due to circumstances around Covid-19, this type of internship may be approved, please email for details.
  • Students may not work at a camp. 
  • Interns may NOT work at a “home-based” business, work from home, or tele-commute. *Due to Covid-19, distance internships are allowed for Summer 2020.
  • Students must work on location at the internship site for the majority of their internship experience. *Due to Covid-19, this is not necessary for Summer 2020.
  • Students may continue the same internship throughout different semesters/summers. However, in order to obtain credit, a new application must be submitted and new final documentation must be completed for each academic semester
  • Once registered, students MAY NOT withdraw from the internship. Students must complete all requirements, or they will receive an “N” (no credit) grade.

  • For summer or part-time students in any semester, there will be a flat rate tuition charge plus a registration fee. Contact the Office of Student Finance (212-960-5269) or visit the Office of Student Finance website for details about paying in person or via credit card by phone.
  • During the fall and spring semesters there is no charge for full-time students. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain financial clearance after they have been registered.

Peer Tutoring Program

The Sy Syms School of Business Peer Tutoring Program provides one-on-one tutoring as a free resource for our undergraduate students. Peer tutoring has been instrumental in helping students achieve their academic goals.

Please see the Peer Tutoring Appointment Guide for step-by-step instructions for booking appointments with a Peer Tutor. 

To book an appointment with a Peer Tutor, click on the Peer Tutor schedule for either undergraduate campus below.

New Policies for Wilf Campus Students

The Sy Syms Academic Jewish Studies (JVCW) Series will be replaced by a new Sy Syms Jewish Values Curriculum beginning in Fall 2020. Click here to see the Sy Syms Jewish Values Curriculum in full.

Implications for students now:

  • Students must complete four classes from the program.
  • Students who have already taken BLW 2500, JVCW 1001, JVCW 1002 and JVCW 1003 are exempt from the new courses.
  • Students who have taken one or more of the prior AJS series, may select any of the new courses to fulfill their remaining requirements.
  • If you have taken JVCW 1003 Jewish Public Policy, you may not take the new Jewish Public Policy course as they are considered equivalent.
  • Students who have not yet begun the Academic Jewish Studies Series will take all four courses of the new Jewish Values Curriculum.

Any questions about how the new Jewish Values Curriculum AJS applies to you should be addressed to

Beginning in Fall 2020, the Hebrew requirement will be streamlined. A new three-course sequence will consist of: HEB 1010, 1020, and 1030. Each student has to complete HEB 1030 to complete the requirement. Students who are currently in 1005 or 1105 will have 1006 and 1106 sections available in the Fall.  Students who have already taken 1305 or 1205 have already completed their Hebrew requirements. Students who have not begun Hebrew will take the new online placement test, prior to Fall registration.

Summer Classes

To sign up for summer classes at YU: This is the list of Yeshiva University Summer classes. If you would like to take a business class it is recommended that you take at YU. Business core and quantitative classes CANNOT be taken at other schools. 

To sign up for a pre-approved outside summer classes: If you would like to take a humanities, English literature, social science, economics or a general elective please see the following lists of pre-approved classes (men and women can take pre-approved classes from both lists):

If you plan to take one of these classes, men can fill out this outside courses form and women can fill out this outside courses form and send it to


Request for Outside Courses

This application should be filed at least two weeks before registration by any undergraduate student who wishes to take business courses at another school for transfer credit. Courses must be taken at an AACSB accredited business school.

Academic Calendar

Academic Awards

To encourage students to pick the best courses and activities on which to build their long-term careers and lives, the Sy Syms award criteria include both quantitative measures (e.g. GPA) and the qualitative factors described below.

Sy Syms School of Business – Award Policies (Effective 2020 Award Cycle)

Only students who have earned at least 75 credits on campus at the time of the decision are eligible. Courses in progress are not included in the 75 credits.

Only students graduating in that school year are eligible for awards. E.g., in Spring 2020, only graduates from Sep 2019, Jan 2020 and May 2020 are eligible.

All Incomplete grades must be resolved for a student to be eligible for an award.  W and P grades are factored into the assessment of the overall rigor of the student’s curriculum.

  1. Across both campuses, students with the top 10-20 GPAs graduating in prior September, January, and May of current school year will be considered.
  2. To select the finalists, the following factors will be considered by the Syms administration plus advising team:
    • Resume or LinkedIn profile
    • Reasons for any W’s and P’s
    • Dual majors or major+minor
    • Honors courses
    • Substantive extracurricular activities
    • Rigor of Jewish Studies curriculum (i.e. Wilf UTS / Beren JS Core)
  3. The Awards Committee will interview each finalist. Each finalist will present about why s/he best represents the graduating class, the Sy Syms School of Business, and YU (topic may vary year to year). The committee will make a recommendation to the Dean.
  4. The Dean names one valedictorian for each campus.

Sy Syms Student Catalogs 2018-2022

Registration Resources & Guides

Please visit our FAQ page or the Registrar's Office for the most up to date information regarding registration for the upcoming semester.

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