Peer Tutoring Program

The Sy Syms School of Business Peer Tutoring Program provides one-to-one tutoring as a FREE SERVICE for our undergraduate students. Peer tutoring has been instrumental in helping students achieve their academic goals.

  • Beren (select “Peer Tutoring Sy Syms” as the schedule) 
  • Wilf (select “Peer Tutoring Sy Syms” as the schedule)

Interested in becoming a tutor? Contact Aitan Magence at
(Tutoring positions are PAID!)

Business Internship Program

If you are interested in receiving credit for your Business Internship, please fill out the Business Internship Application. Please choose between the Interactive PDF (you can type in your answers, and then select print, and then on the print menu, select to save as PDF) or the Regular PDF (you can print, write in your answers and re-scan). Submit all applications to

Program of Study

Please use the program of study to see the full list of requirements, and to check off all courses that you have completed. This will be helpful when planning your schedule for future semesters. If you need any assistance, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

For students on-campus prior to March 2018:

Scheduling Grids

Academic Awards

Valedictorian and other academic awards are granted based on highest GPA with consideration to the following factors:

  1. All grades listed on the SSSB transcript, including HEST / HES (Hebrew Language & Literature) are factored into the overall GPA.

  2. Rigor of academic coursework in both secular and Jewish Studies will be considered.

  3. Only students who have earned at least 75 credits on campus at the time of the decision are eligible.

  4. Courses in progress are not included. In the event of a tie, the student with the most credits taken at YU in NY and listed on the SSSB transcript is designated valedictorian.

Academic Calendar

2017-2018 (Fall and Spring Semesters)

Request for Outside Courses

This application should be filed at least two weeks before registration by an undergraduate who wishes to take business courses at another school for transfer credit. Courses must be taken at an AACSB Accredited Business School.

Additional Resources