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Sy Syms Administration

Dr. Noam Wasserman
Syms Office: 212.960.0845

Michael Strauss
Associate Dean
Clinical Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship
Wilf Campus: 212.960.0844, Belfer Hall 416
Midtown Campus: 917.326.4842, 215 Lexington, Room 319 

Dr. Avi Giloni
Associate Dean
Chair of Information and Decision Sciences Department
Wilf Campus: 212.960.0182, Belfer Hall 428
Midtown Campus: 917.326.4847, 215 Lexington, Room 419b

Debra Pine
Assistant Dean for Administration
Wilf Campus: 212.960.5400, x6047 Belfer Hall 407B 

Irena Krakhman
Academic Administrator
Wilf Campus: Belfer Hall 412
212.960.5400 x5346 

Dr. Henry Huang
Program Director, Masters of Science in Accounting
Wilf Campus: Belfer Hall 405b
Midtown: 215 Lexington, Room 319

Mark Finkel
Clinical Assoc. Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Program Director, Executive MBA Program

Bruce Kamins
Clinical Assoc. Clinical Professor of Taxation
Program Director, Masters of Science in Taxation

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