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Avi Giloni, Moses Pava and Michael Strauss

Dr. Moses Pava
Department Chair - Accounting
Wilf Campus: 212.960.5579, Belfer Hall 412
Beren Campus: 917.326.4839, 215 Lexington, Room 323

Dr. Avi Giloni
Associate Dean
Department Chair - Information and Decision Sciences
Wilf Campus: 212.960.0182, Belfer Hall 428
Beren Campus: 917.326.4847, 215 Lexington, Room 419b

Professor Michael Strauss
Associate Dean
Assistant to the Provost
Clinical Professor of Management and Entrepreneur-In-Residence
Wilf Campus: 212.960.0844, Belfer Hall 421
Beren Campus: 917.326.4842, 215 Lexington, Room 319 


Cinthya Cintron
Academic Administrator
Wilf Campus: Belfer Hall 412
212.960.5400 x5346


Dr. Joseph Kerstein
Program Director, Masters of Science in Accounting
Wilf Campus: Belfer Hall 417b
Beren Campus: 215 Lexington, Room 319

Dr. Abraham Ravid
Department Chair - Finance
Wilf Campus: 5400, Belfer Hall 
Beren Campus: 215 Lexington

Dr. Tamar Avnet
Department Chair - Marketing 
Wilf Campus: Belfer Hall 408
Beren Campus: 215 Lexington, Room 421

Dr. Steven M. Nissenfeld
Director, Center for Executive and Professional Education
Wilf Campus: Belfer Hall 1504b
Beren Campus: 917.326.4920, 215 Lexington, Room 411

Debra Pine
Academic and Career Advising
Wilf Campus: 212.960.5400, x6047 Belfer Hall 407B 

Peter Knothe
Associate Director
Academic and Career Advising
Wilf Campus:212.960.5400, x5544 Belfer Hall 409B   

Margie Martin
Associate Director Masters of Science in Accounting and Executive MBA Programs
Beren Campus: 917.326.4852,
215 Lexington, Room 320