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Yeshiva University Women's Initiative for Leadership and Learning (YUWILL) and Golda Meir Fellowship


What is the mission of YUWILL? To bring inspiration, empowerment, and guidance to the next generation of Jewish women leaders through education, mentoring, and exposure to unparalleled opportunities.

What is the vision of YUWILL? To become a preeminent and sustainable university-based women's leadership initiative known both within and outside the YU campus. 

What is YUWILL? The Yeshiva University Women’s Initiative for Leadership and Learning is an initiative that brings inspiration, empowerment, information, and support to YU’s undergraduate women through events, resources, and mentorship. In partnership with Batsheva, a preeminent Jewish Women's Leadership organization, YUWILL produces events that help YU women successfully navigate and lead in the 21st century workplace and provides opportunities for networking and mentorship. YUWILL also continually curates resources that are imperative to success after University including advice around navigating your career, crucial life skills, and motivation and inspiration, to name a few.  

YUWILL also directs the Golda Meir Fellowship program, in which a small number of excelling students regularly meet as a group with a Faculty mentor to research and discuss ideas of leadership and societal importance in order to build an unparalleled skill set directed towards leadership. 

We are having our Launch Event the evening of Wednesday, November 1st, 2023 in Chelsea at 121 W 19th St from 5:30 - 7:30 PM. Please put this on your calendar and RSVP here as we really want all of your energy at this amazing event. Also please let me know if you want to volunteer to help set up, or work on social media for the event as we need some help in these areas. 

Learn more about YUWILL here 

Learn more about the Golda Meir Fellowship and apply here

In addition, YUWILL has another element which is the Golda Meir Fellowship group. This is a small group of students chosen each year who will meet twice a semester as a group with me and learn about and discuss issues critical to society and leadership. The goal of the group is to elevate your learning, both through content, and learning from one another (and me). I have piloted this group over the last two years, and I am proud to say I really think it is valuable for its members. Feel free to reach out to them personally to learn more about their experiences. This also offers a real differentiator for your internship/job applications. The group is meant to be small and have only those committed in terms of time and effort and are a good fit for the mission (you need to be excited about learning and leadership), and therefore there is an application and selection process. Once you are selected for the group, you will be in it for your duration at YU (and after!).

Learn more about YUWILL here

What is the Golda Meir Fellowship? Part of the newly-created Yeshiva University Women's Initiative forLeadership and Learning (YUWILL), The Golda Meir Fellows is a small group of like-minded Yeshiva University women who meet together twice a semester with a faculty mentor to discuss leadership through topics that impact society and one's own ability to lead. The intent of the group is to build the future leaders of society, create comradery, and offer mentorship between and to a high-achieving group of Yeshiva University undergraduate women. The Fellowship is an exciting opportunity for growth, and exposure to amazing mentorship possibility. Acceptance to this group ensures your membership over the duration of your time at YU (and after).

Learn more about the Golda Meir Fellowship and apply here

Sharon Poczter

Our Founder

Sharon Poczter is the Chair of the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department at the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University as well as Associate Professor. Her research focuses on issues related to access to financing for firms in both the developing and developed context, including the role of the government in promoting entrepreneurship, and gender disparity in company funding. Her research has been published in top peer-reviewed journals, and she is a columnist and frequent contributor for Inc, Bloomberg, Fox News, and other media outlets where she simplifies complex economic and business issues, and uses economics to analyze issues around women at work. Her economic take on women in the workforce has also appeared in the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. She is also a professional kickboxing instructor.

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