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Students may choose from two tracks: Elementary (Childhood) Education (grades 1–6) and Early Childhood (birth-grade 2). Each track leads to Initial Teacher Certification in New York State. Majors must successfully complete the following NYSTCE (New York State Teacher Certification Examinations) exams at the level specified by NY State to apply for initial NYS certification:

  1. Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST)
  2. Content Specialty Test (CST), EC or Childhood depending on major. EC majors take Multi-Subject for EC (Birth-Grade-2); EE majors take Multi-Subject for Childhood (Grade 1-Grade 6)
  3. Educating all Students Test (EAS)
  4. edTPA - EC majors take Early Childhood edTPA; EE majors take Elementary Education edTPA. These exams are typically taken during the senior year.

Majors are required to take four training workshops: Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse; School Safety and Violence Prevention; DASA; Autism. These will be offered at SCW, Azriel, or available online during the course of the program.

During spring semester of the sopho¬more year, students apply for formal admission to the teacher education programs. Prospective education majors must demonstrate the intellectual, communication, and interpersonal skills necessary for success as a teacher. The following specific requirements are required for admission to either the Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education Program:

  1. Successful completion of PSYC 1010 with a minimum grade of C+ and EDUC 2130, Foundations of Early Childhood Education; or EDUC 2300, Introduction to Elementary (Childhood) Education, with a minimum grade of B-.
  2. Submission of an essay stating per¬sonal aims and aspirations as a teacher.
  3. Recommendation of instructor of either Foundations of Early Childhood Education or Introduction to Elementary (Childhood) Education.
  4. Successful interview with a member of the education faculty other than the instructors of the courses in #3 above.
  5. Successful completion of ENGL 1100, Composition and Rhetoric.

Specific course sequences and permissible electives are to be decided in consultation with an adviser. Students majoring or contemplating majoring in EDUC must meet with an adviser prior to the registration period.

Elementary (Childhood) Education Program: Successful completion of PSYC 1010, PSYC 1100 or 1107, EDUC 2300 and admission to the Education Program are prerequi¬sites for the following courses: EDUC 1210, 2301, 2302, 2303, 2304,  2307, 2930, 2940,  4003, and an EDUC elective, MATH 1010. Elementary majors are required to complete an additional 28 hours of fieldwork as approved by the department.

Early Childhood Education Program: Successful completion of PSYC 1010, PSYC 1100 or 1107, EDUC 2130 and admission to the Education Program are prerequisites for the following courses: EDUC 1210, 2133 and 2133L, 2134 and 2134L, 2138 and 2138L, 2303, 2890, 2935, 2945, 4003, and an EDUC elective, MATH 1010.

MINOR: 18 credits.
EDUC 2300 or 2807 or 2130; 1210 or 1100 or 1107; 2201;   9 credits of Education electives.

Detailed education factsheet (PDF)