The following list includes faculty who teach at the Beren (B) and/or Wilf (W) campus.

Michael Breban
Associate Professor of Computer Science (W)

Alan Broder 
Clinical Professor of Computer Science (B)
Department Chair of Computer Science (B)

Wenxiong Chen
Professor of Mathematics (W)

Michael Dalezman
Assistant Professor of Mathematics (B)

Marian Gidea
Professor of Mathematics (B)

Van E. Kelly
Clinical Professor of Computer Science (W)

Arnold Lebow
Professor of Mathematics (W)

Morton Lowengrub
Professor of Mathematics (B)
Provost Emeritus

Antonella Marini
Professor of Mathematics (W)

David Pahmer
Instructor of Jewish Studies;
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (B)

Ari Shamash 
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Computer Science (B)

Eric Snow
Adjunct Instructor in Mathematics (W)

Donald Taylor-Bruce
Adjunct Instructor in Mathematics (W)

Joshua Waxman 
Assistant Professor of Computer Science (B)

In addition, the department continues to employ advanced undergraduate students as graders, tutors and lab assistants. Students who are interested in such activities should contact the department chair .