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Guidelines for Internships

Student should read these guidelines carefully prior to submitting the Yeshiva College Internship Application located at Internship Application. For more information, please contact Dean Fred Sugarman at

The internship must provide the intern with a significant learning experience, giving the intern the opportunity to grow intellectually and/or professionally. In each academic discipline, a proposal for an internship in the field will be evaluated by a Faculty Advisor who will, ascertain that the proposed internship is in a setting and involves tasks that are complementary to academic coursework.

Other requirements and notes are as follows:

  • The student must complete the Internship Application located at Internship Application
  • The student must normally be a junior or a senior. (Others will be considered under special circumstances.)
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.2 is required.
  • The prospective intern must have taken (and successfully completed with a grade of C or better) at least one course in the academic subject in which he will receive internship credit.
  • Internships normally are awarded 1 credit.
  • Internships are usually taken during the summer, although they may be taken during fall or spring semesters with permission from a YC or Sy Syms General Advisor.
  • An Internship is listed on the student's record as "(Subject) 4741, 4742, or 4743 Internship." Internships may be taken in any academic subject taught at Yeshiva College..
  • No internship credits may be used toward the requirements of the major or the minor or toward general education requirements, but will count toward the residency requirement.
  • Students will receive a grade of P/N.
  • During the summer, there will be a tuition charge and a registration fee. During the fall and spring, there is no charge for full-time students.
  • The internship must be approved by a faculty sponsor. The sponsor may help the student frame a statement of the educational purpose as part of the internship description on the Internship Application form.
  • Maximum of two internships for their YC career

Before an internship is approved, an internship proposal must also be completed by the proposed site supervisor and returned to the YC internship director, describing the nature of the proposed intern's duties, identifying the site supervisor, detailing start and end dates, and providing the hours the intern will be expected to work.

If a student is seeking an internship in an area in which YC does not offer courses and does not currently have an appropriate faculty sponsor, the relevant cluster chair and internship director together will evaluate the proposal to determine whether such an internship is suitable/feasible for academic credit and suggest a faculty sponsor in the area closest to the discipline of the proposed internship. The assistant dean may also be asked to evaluate the proposal.

All internships at YC will be administered centrally by Yeshiva College Academic Advising Center who will function as the college's internship director. The internship director will maintain a central file of all ongoing internships and approve or not approve the student's internship application after the student, the sponsoring faculty and the internship site supervisor have completed their parts of the application. The internship director will meet initially with any student seeking an internship, ascertain his eligibility and the suitability of his proposal, maintain initial and subsequent contact with the internship site supervisor and handle all problems that may arise between student and supervisor at an internship site.

After the completion of the internship, the site supervisor must submit a written follow-up evaluation to the YC internship director, confirming that the requirements of the internship (hours, nature of work done) fulfill those agreed on by the student, the faculty sponsor and the internship site.

When the internship director has determined that all aspects of the internship have been completed, she will authorize a grade (P/N) to be entered by the Registrar.

Please note:

Academic Advising makes no representation as to whether any individual internship opportunity constitutes a legitimate internship, traineeship or employment relationship under relevant law and regulations.  Employers and candidates should review applicable federal, state and other relevant law before posting, or accepting a posting, respectively.   Employers and candidates release Academic Advising and Yeshiva University (and University officers, director's agents and employees) from any and all liability resulting from any internship's misstatement of fact or mischaracterization of the legal relationship between employers and candidates.

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