Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know who my Academic Advisor is?

The Academic Advisement Center has a staff of full time advisors. You have the option to meet with any of the Academic Advisors. You may choose to maintain a relationship with one particular advisor or you may feel comfortable meeting with any of the Advisors. All of our staff has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to be able to answer all of your questions and provide the guidance you need.

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When should I meet with an advisor?

  • When you have any academic questions or concerns.
  • When you want to develop an academic plan.
  • When you are uncertain about choosing a major/career or want to change your major/career.
  • When you want to make changes in your schedule.
  • When you are having difficulty in a class or adjusting to college.
  • When you have received a notice of academic warning.
  • When you are unsure of where to turn.
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How do I choose a major?

You might be a student who enters college with a clear idea of academic and career goals and knowing which major is the right one for you. Perhaps no major has yet caught your fancy or you may have difficulty deciding on a major because you find so many subjects interesting and cannot decide which one to pursue.

At Stern College for Women we have several resources to help you make this decision. All of the Academic Advisors are able to discuss these important issues with you. In addition, the staff of the Career Center can help you choose a major and understand its relationship to career choice. They offer individual counseling, vocational testing, a career library, guidance using internet research as well as internship development. You may visit the Career Center on the 5th floor at 215 Lexington Ave.

The Academic Advisement Center and the Career Center have a variety of material designed to help you through the process of choosing a major. Each year we co-sponsor a Majors Fair. Check your emails for future announcements.

The SCW faculty come from very diversified backgrounds and are an excellent resource to help you explore majors and career options. To find a faculty member's office and office hours check on the departmental website or stop into the Dean's Office.

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What are the SCW general requirements?

Click here for the SCW General Education Requirements. Our requirements are also available in infographic format, here

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How do I know if a course fulfills a requirement?

Each semester the Course Schedule is posted online at Printed copies are available from the Registrar's Office (215 Lexington Ave, 6th floor).

The "Notes" column in each semester's Course Schedule indicates which requirement each course fulfills. If there is no designation in the "Notes" column, the course will fulfill a General Education elective. Please note that Jewish Studies and Phys. Ed courses may not fulfill electives.

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May I take summer school classes?

Yes. All summer school courses must be approved prior to the start of the course(s). The Request for Outside Courses form is available in the Registrar's Office or can be downloaded here. Please read the regulations and procedures carefully.

Before submitting the form, please make sure all the required information is completed. Incomplete forms will not be processed. Make sure to keep in mind SCW residency requirements.

Upon completion of the course remember to have your transcript of outside courses sent to the SCW Registrar's Office.

For more information, please visit: 

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What are the residency requirements?

In order to earn a degree from Stern College, at least 60 percent of your major and minor, and at least 84 credits and 6 semesters must be completed at our New York campus. Transfer students should meet with an Academic Advisor.

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May I P/N a course?

Yes, you may select one course each semester to be graded Pass (P) or No Credit (N) subject to the following conditions:

  • No more than one course each semester may be selected.
  • The form must be filed during the period specified in the Academic Calendar.

GENERAL STUDIES : a "P" grade cannot fulfill requirements Modes of Expression; Foundations and Contemporary Perspectives of History; Philosophy & Social Sciences; Interpreting Literature and the Arts; Science and Technology; or Quantitative Skills. "P" grades cannot count for courses toward the major and/or minor. All other courses, including those taken to fulfill  Electives, may be taken on the P/N basis.

JEWISH STUDIES: Courses on CORE may not be taken P/N. Only JS courses above those required for the distribution may be taken P/N.

HONORS COURSES : Honors courses may not be taken on the P/N basis.

P and N grades appear on the record but do not count in the GPA. All other letter grades do count in the GPA. A P grade earns credit, an N grade does not. These grades cannot be changed.

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May I audit a course?

Audits are permitted only after registration has been completed and only if there is space available in the course.  An audited course is not considered part of your workload. The regulations regarding auditing courses are on the Request to Audit a Course form available in the Registrar's Office and on the Registrar's web site.  Please read the regulations carefully, complete the form including the instructor's signature, and return the form to the Registrar's Office.

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What is a junior/senior check?

The junior/senior check is your opportunity to meet with an Academic Advisor to review the requirements you have already completed and identify the requirements you have yet to complete. The Academic Advisor will review your complete transcript with you to ensure that you are on track to complete all graduation requirements. We recommend that you have a junior check in the spring of your junior year and a senior check in the fall of your senior year.

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How do I add or drop a course? What does a 'w' mean?

You may drop a course online without permission and without a "W" on your transcript until the drop date noted on each semester's calendar and on the "IMPORTANT DATES" page of each semester's course book. After that date you need permission from a Dean or an Academic Advisor and the withdrawal will be noted on your transcript with a "W".  Students may withdraw from classes with permission and with a "W",  only until the last day of classes. The "W" notation indicates withdrawal without penalty or prejudice.

We recommend that you meet with an Academic Advisor before dropping a class.

A course on CORE may not be dropped at any time without permission from the Jewish Studies Department.

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How do I transfer credit to SCW?

Any outside courses taken while you are a student at SCW requires completion of the P-10 form. For courses taken before you were an SCW student, have an official transcript sent to the Office of the Registrar from the school you attended. In addition you must submit course descriptions from each course you want transferred. If you can, submit syllabi and graded papers.

Most high schools include a copy of AP scores with their transcripts. If our Registrar does not have your scores you will need to contact the Educational Testing Service to have them sent.

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What is SCW's online course policy?

Summer online YU courses are accepted, while those offered by other institutions will be considered. As per the current practice, students will need to file the Request for Outside Courses Form to receive approval for outside online courses. Online courses from community colleges or for-profit institutions will not be accepted. Business courses must be from an AACSB accredited institution.

Cap of online courses toward the Bachelor's Degree - Students may count a maximum of four (4) online courses toward their undergraduate degrees.** Of these, a maximum of two (2) online courses may be applied toward the major.

Residency requirement - All online YU courses, including those offered by YU graduate schools, will count toward the YU residency requirement.

Alert - Students interested in health professions should check with an advisor before taking online courses.

**For Summer/Fall 2020 only: Approved online summer '20 courses (at YU or elsewhere) and online fall '20 YU courses will not be included in the 4 online course maximum.

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