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Do I need to make an appointment to see an adviser?

You can schedule an appointment by signing up with our online appointment system. See "Make an Appointment" on the right.

What's the difference between a General or Major Adviser?

All Yeshiva College advisers have academic backgrounds and university teaching experience. General Advisers can help students with the transition to the university.  We work collaboratively with students to identify personal interests on their way to selecting a major. General Advisers can also advise ALL students on general education requirements.  Major Advisers work with students who have 56 credits AND have declared a major. Major Advisers afford students with opportunities to work closely with experts in their chosen academic fields, as they plan out their major course of study. Major advisers also advise students on research and professional opportunities that enhance their studies.

How can I find out more information about a particular major or department?

Stop by the Advising Center to pick up Major Requirements forms and meet with a General Adviser. The Advising Center can also put you in touch with a Major Adviser in the field you are interested in.

How do I declare a major?

Students can declare a major by filling out a Declaration of Major form in the Advising Center and submitting it to the Registrar's Office.

How can I add or drop a course once the term has begun?

During the Registration period through the add/drop period, students may add open classes or drop courses by going to MY YU and using their YU I.Ds. and pins. 

How can I apply to overtally into a closed course?

There are two overtally periods during each term, at the start of the semester and at the close of the registration period. Refer to the academic calendar and ystud postings for specific dates. Overtally petitions are accepted only during these time periods and are processed through the Advising Center. Petitions are evaluated in consultation with academic departments, and students are notified individually about final decisions. No overtally petitions are accepted for Statistics, and Lab Science.

How can I transfer credit from courses taken outside of YU?

All outside courses taken once you are a student at Yeshiva College must be pre-approved through the Advising Center in consultation with academic departments. The first step in the process is obtaining a P-10 form. Once the P-10 form is filled out, students should set up an appointment to meet with Mr. Peter Knothe. Please keep in mind that the review process may take some time, and make certain to allow time in your plans for it.  If students have taken courses before matriculating at Yeshiva, they should have official transcripts sent directly to the Registrar's Office.

Am I able to transfer online courses into YU?

The three undergraduate colleges recently adopted the following policy regarding online courses: · 

  • Summer Courses Summer online YU courses will continue to be offered and accepted, while those offered by other institutions will be considered. As per the current practice, students will need to file the Request for Outside Courses Form to receive approval for outside online courses. 
  • Online courses from community colleges or for-profit institutions will not be accepted. 
  • Business courses must be from an AACSB accredited institution. · 
  • Cap of online courses toward the Bachelor’s Degree Students may count a maximum of 4 online courses toward their undergraduate degrees. A maximum of two online courses may be applied toward the major and a maximum of two online courses may apply toward the general education requirements. · 
  • Residency Requirement All online YU courses, including those offered by YU graduate schools, will count toward the YU residency requirement. · 
  • Alert: Students interested in health professions should check with an advisor before taking online courses.