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YC Peer Tutoring Program

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In Need Of A Tutor?
Client Responsibilities
Interested In Becoming A Peer Tutor?

The Peer Tutoring Program at Yeshiva College provides one-to-one tutoring as a FREE service to all of our students to help them achieve their academic goals.


For SY SYMS: For more information about Sy Syms Tutoring, please e-mail

In Need Of A Tutor?

If you are a current student in need of a tutor, please go to our online scheduler for a list of available tutors in your subject.  After scheduling an appointment, make sure you contact your tutor via e-mail to figure out where you would like to meet.  

To learn how to use the online scheduler, please review the brief PowerPoint Presentation.

Client Responsibilities:

  1. Students can make appointments until midnight the night before a session.  
  2. Appointments may only be made 2 weeks in advance
  3. A student who cannot keep their appointment must cancel online, preferably no later than midnight the night before the appointment, and notify their tutor via e-mail so another student can benefit from that time.
  4. For an emergency last-minute cancellation, the student must email their tutor.
  5. Students who miss appointments repeatedly may be blocked from scheduling further sessions.
  6. Tutoring is limited to students currently enrolled in the specific courses for which they have requested tutoring. Students may not utilize the Tutoring Center for any other purpose, including review for the MCAT, DAT, etc.  
  7. As a courtesy to other students, please avoid overlapping slots (ex. 3-5pm should be 2 discrete slots of 3-4 and 4-5pm).


Interested In Becoming A Peer Tutor?

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Tutor, please e-mail Ms. Sara Wallshein
at  to begin the process. She can answer all of your questions about payment and hiring procedures. 

How to Apply/Qualify: 

  1. To be considered, you must get a recommendation letter from the professor of the class you would like to tutor. This letter can be e-mailed to Ms. Wallshein directly.
  2. If deemed fit to be a Peer Tutor, you will receive a “Congratulatory” e-mail that formally offers you the position. This email will outline the necessary steps you must complete with our Human Resources Department to be legally hired and put onto payroll.
  3. Once cleared by Human Resources, you must review a brief PowerPoint presentation that explains the process of how tutoring appointments are made via our online scheduling system.
  4. After viewing the presentation, you must sign the "New Hire" waiver and bring it to Ms. Walllshein . Her office is located in Furst Hall, Room 108A. 

NOTE: You will not be put on the scheduling system or paid for worked hours without completing all of these steps.