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The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Yeshiva College serves as an interdisciplinary hub for foreign language acquisition as well as the exploration of larger questions, both practical and humanistic, related to language and literary and cultural studies. Our goal is to develop and enhance communicative language skills, reading and interpretive skills, critical thinking and understanding both within and among the cultural and linguistic groups represented.

Why Study Languages?

Reasons for studying a language are multifaceted—ranging from the personal to the political—but it’s undeniable that knowledge of a second (or, for most YC students, third, fourth, or fifth) language enhances our understanding of other cultures, as well as our own.  With their knowledge of Hebrew (and, possibly, Aramaic and other tongues), YU students are in a privileged position to learn additional languages, and we encourage you to take advantage of this. Not only can a language provide a personal link to others but also, in this age of increasing globalization, it can create important ties to economic and political partners.
Moreover, a language opens pathways to other rich cultures, traditions, histories, and art. For these reasons, knowledge of a language is a perfect complement to many other fields of study: political science, international relations, business, law, medicine, history, Jewish Studies, English, philosophy, cinema, art and art history, to name just a few. Studying a language can fulfill your General Education requirement: Two courses in history, philosophy or a foreign language other than Hebrew OR one course selected from Art, Music or a foreign language other than Hebrew.

And did we mention it’s fun? Language classes at YC combine innovative language teaching methods and use of the latest technology with dynamic teachers. In a language class at YC you can expect something new everyday : we use skits, movies, internet activities and a variety of communicative approaches to encourage students’ participation in the creative process of language learning.

For more information about the Languages, Literature, Cultures Department at Yeshiva College, please contact Professor Rachel Mesch at mesch@yu.edu or 212-960-5400 ext. 6868.