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Dr. Aaron Koller

The Hebrew Department at Yeshiva College offers students the opportunity to develop their Hebrew language skills within two tracks. Biblical Hebrew students will learn to understand the grammar and lexicon of the Bible while those in the Language Arts track will develop their proficiency in reading, writing, understanding, and speaking modern Hebrew.

The Hebrew language has long nurtured the national identity of the Jewish people.

From the towering classics on the Jewish bookshelf—Tanakh, the Mishnah, the Rambams Mishneh Torah—to the modern expressions of Jewish culture such as Bialik and Agnon and contemporary writers such as Yehuda Amichai and Aharon Appelfeld, Hebrew has been both the medium and the message of a vibrant soul of a people. The Yeshiva College Hebrew department is a wonderful place for students to explore their own heritage.

Offerings in the Yeshiva College Hebrew department include courses include Elementary Biblical Hebrew I and II (HEB 1003-1004), Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I and II (HEB 1005-1006), Intermediate Hebrew I, II, and III (HEB 1104, 1105, & 1106), Upper Intermediate Hebrew I and II (HEB 1205-1206) and Advanced Hebrew I and II (HEB 1305-1306). We also offer as electives specialized courses in biblical Hebrew and its Semitic linguistic environment, and many elective classes in modern Hebrew literature and conversation Hebrew.

For information about the Hebrew courses, Placement Tests, and Exemptions, please see the "Courses" menu on the right. If you are having difficulty with placement in these courses, contact Ahuva Wiesenfeld, Assistant Coordinator of the Hebrew Program either by email or in Furst Hall, Room 203.

Hebrew tutoring is available to students in all Hebrew classes. Limited hours by appointment with a peer tutor will also be available. Do not wait until the week before a test to seek tutoring. Please visit this site for more information about the peer tutors.

For further information about the Hebrew Department, contact Mrs. Sigal Shalom, the coordinator of the Hebrew Program. Her office is in Furst Hall, Room 203 and her office hours are Monday and Thursday 12-2. During the first two weeks of each semester, additional office hours: Tues and Wed 12-2.

Hebrew is also available as a separate major. If you are interested in majoring or minoring in Hebrew, contact Professor Samuel Schneider, whose office is in Furst Hall 226, telephone 212.960.5400 x6859. 

See what students in the Biblical Hebrew track have to say in the video below:

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